Israeli Eco Tourism Welcomes the Yurt

If you don’t know what a yurt is, have no fear.  Most people don’t (including yours truly).  But yurts, with their portability, suitability for nature trips, and simple low-tech structures are highly suitable for eco-tourism – so they definitely deserve our attention.  And it certainly is exciting that yurts are entering the Israeli tourism scene. […]


Leave No Trace: Ecologically Responsible Hiking

It’s September already and officially the end of the summer (not that you would notice by the still-scorching Middle Eastern climate). As the temperature begins to cool down (slightly), the next couple of months offer the ideal time to hit one of the many hiking trails, forests, or natural springs in Israel. But sometimes enjoying […]


Run the City Introduces a New Type of Israeli Eco Tourism

As the Green Prophet archives will tell you, Israel is no stranger to environmentally friendly tourism.  Not only is there a variety of ecologically minded guesthouses all of the country (including a vegetarian paradise in the Galilee), but the Israeli Ministry of Tourism has announced that it is going green.  Part of this initiative has […]


Cedars of Lebanon Threatened By Climate Change

Here in the Middle East,  echoes of the Biblical prophets are never far off–even in environmental discourse. Nowhere is that more apparent than in the famous cedars of Lebanon, which have been a wonder to the world for thousands of years, and were used to build King Solomon’s palace. Some of the remaining cedars in […]


Neighbors' Paths: Eco-Tourism AND Eco-Peace!

Over the past few months, we’ve seen a lot of Prophecies about eco-tourism all over the Middle East. There are dozens of eco-travel options in Jordan, Lebanon, Iran, Syria, Egypt, and Yemen. There is also, however, a very special opportunity for eco-tourism right here within our own borders – and those of our neighbors. Since […]


Israel Cleans Up Its Act and Recycles Its Beach Waste

We are undeniably in the thick of beach season.  Deeply tanned French tourists with gold colored sandals and other stylish accessories line the beaches, the smell of sunscreen is in the air, and the plywood percussion of matkot (paddle ball) is the reigning summer symphony. Unfortunately, all of this beachy goodness comes with a whole […]


Eco Tourism in the Middle East: Yemen

Buckle your (cyber) seatbelts and prep your imaginary passports, because this week we’re continuing our green journey. After eco touring other Middle Eastern countries – such as Jordan, Lebanon, Iran, Syria, Egypt, and Israel – we’re off to pay a green visit to Yemen. Yemen, like other countries in the region, has a variety of […]


Ecotourism in Egypt

In contrast to eco tourism in other countries in the Middle East, such as Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, and Iran, there is an extremely active Ecotourism Committee in the Egyptian Tourism Federation, which makes eco tourism in Egypt especially diverse, authentic, and unique. You can find high-end, and low end –- all satisfying experiences based on […]


Eco Tourism in the Middle East: Syria

Now that we’ve toured Lebanon, Jordan, and even Iran, let’s make an online eco-visit to Syria. Since Syria has not yet experienced a wave of mass tourism, its sites are still well preserved and relatively undisturbed. That, combined with the fact that Syria has a wide variety of landscapes ranging from forests to beaches to […]


Eco Tourism in the Middle East: Iran

As part of our ongoing virtual eco-tour of the Middle East, this week’s cyber journey is to Iran. Iran is a little further off than Jordan and Lebanon, but it is also an intriguing spot. And thanks to some information provided by Mohammad Memarian as a response to a Green Prophet post on MidEast Youth […]


EcoMum On Green Summer Vacations

The summer is here and the kids are at home, if they are not at summer camp then you are probably hearing the words “I’m bored!” alot, if not too much. So how to keep your kids happy and green at the same time. In the next few weeks I hope to bring you some […]


Adam and Eve: An Eco Farm Paradise in Modiin

Summer has, without a doubt, arrived in Israel. School is about to end, summer vegetables and fruits are in season, and there’s a greater desire to be outdoors. Enter the Adam and Eve farm (or, in Hebrew, Hava & Adam) in Modiin, which offers lots of great ways to celebrate summer. This educational-ecological center integrates […]


4 eco tourism adventures for a summer in Lebanon

Now that we’ve eco-toured Israel and Jordan, let’s move right along to another green tourism spot in the Middle East. Lebanon. And it’s no surprise that a country that places a regional cedar tree in the center of its flag (colored in green) has lots and lots of eco tourism options. Here are some of […]


Eco Tourism in the Middle East: Jordan

Between all of the eco guesthouses popping up and the Israeli Tourism Ministry trying to go green by 2009, there’s no absence of environmentally friendly vacation options in Israel (hint hint, to all those out-of-towners planning their summer vacations in Israel). But what’s a green tourist in the Middle East to do outside of Israel? […]


Israel's Tourism Ministry Going Green for 2009

Finding win/win solutions to our environmental crises is a cornerstone of our philosophy here at Green Prophet. We know that there are days when a plastic bag just seems like a plastic bag, dammit; and you really need that gallon of milk but forgot to bring along the eco-friendly canvas tote you love to shop […]


Green News From the Arab Blogosphere

Borders, though an understood concept in the modern world, are anything but natural. The truth is that although borders may physically and ideologically separate us, one of the things that we all share is that we are citizens of the earth.   And caring about the environment is a concern that can unite us. The internet, […]