Israel's National Bird Winner Is….

The winner is going to be announced at the end of the week in a special ceremony by President Peres (himself a well-known bird watcher, according to media reports). But we are able to tell you, hot from the Green Prophet aviary, that of those who voted in our special Green Prophet Poll, the majority […]


Israel's National Bird Poll: Barn Owl & Lesser Kestrel

To follow up with some more candidates for Israel’s bird poll, here are two more beauties: the Barn Owl (‘Tinshemet’ in Hebrew) and the Lesser Kestrel (‘Buz Adom’). This whole exercise seems to be an interesting lesson in exploring human anthropocentrism in naming other species. Barn Owl Lesser Kestrel We don’t really understand what’s “lesser” […]


Israel's National Bird Poll: Hoopoe & Sunbird

Here as promised, bird lovers, are 2 more of the candidates in the Green Prophet/Israel National Bird Poll: The Hoopoe The Palestine Sunbird Is the Palestine or Yellow Tufted Sunbird the same as the Olive Backed Sunbird? It looks very beautiful, and as the olive is the unofficial food/fruit of the Middle East, maybe that […]


This fresh face in archeology works underwater

Before the devastating 2004 Boxing Day tsunami hit Asia, Beverly Goodman had an impossible time explaining her research to peers. Since the catastrophic tidal wave struck, she has been able to remove about 10 slides from her presentation. She makes no light of the event, but was surprised to see how overnight the world had […]


Green Prophet National Bird Poll

Here is a Green Prophet exclusive: our very own poll to vote for Israel’s National Bird! View Poll |View Results Online Poll PoweredBy MicroPoll Following on from the recent post ‘Choosing Israel’s National Bird’ (which you can read here) which explains the intense media and national interest in deciding which feathered friend should represent Israel from […]


Hikers Take On The Holy Land, A Recap

A guest post from Hazon in New York: This March 23 – 27 thirty participants from around North America and Israel hiked from the northern tip of Israel to the Sea of Galilee on the first-ever Hike for Israel, to benefit the Heschel Center for Environmental Learning and Leadership, based in Tel Aviv, and Hazon […]


Cycling Through Israeli Wine and Biblical History

Combine DIY eco-tourism with Israel’s new wine industry this Passover: Israel’s Ministry of Tourism offers a website chock full of great ideas. The latest is a biking tour between the vineyards and wineries between Jerusalem and Israel’s Northern Negev. Although the ministry maps out an itinerary you could follow (which we’ve included here for your […]


How Does Your (Community) Garden Grow?

Now the weather is warming up, it’s time to hit the road and escape the urban jungle. But instead of taking the bus to beach or driving to the hills for a hike, you might be pleasantly surprised to find a green oasis closer than you think. Last week I was lucky enough to stumble […]


Carlos Motta, Inspiration from Brazil

The tell-tale sign of an apartment being renovated in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem is the huge green dumpster holding piles of wood, doors, windows and tiles. Green Prophet says it’s time to reclaim some of those perfectly useful materials instead of sending them to landfill. Why not bypass that trip to IKEA and create simple, […]


Don't Pass Up on Eco Camp This Passover

The sun is out, flowers are in bloom, and it’s a great time of year for kids to be outdoors.  And if they’re going to be outdoors anyway, why not give them the gift of environmental appreciation?  Don’t pass up on the great eco camp offered by Yevulim Community Ecological Farm this Passover. Located in […]


Jordan River Peace Park

Cross-border environmental NGO, Friends of the Earth Middle East (FoEME), is getting work underway on establishing what it calls a ‘Peace Park’ to help rehabilitate the ailing River Jordan which runs along the border between Jordan and Israel (plus parts of the West Bank). The Jordan Valley is an area with a rich natural, historical […]


Nature’s Abundance…For Everyone in Tuscany

I recently spent a wonderful week relaxing and enjoying the green and quiet of Tuscany, an area of Italy steeped in viticulture and olive oil production. We went there to rest, write and read, dip into the pools of mountain streams, and kick back high in the quiet mountainous area outside Fivizzano, an ancient town […]


Hey planet, how will spaceship earth remember you?

The Earth has a memory. It has records of African flowers blooming in the summer; it remembers cold, desolate Arctic winters since winters began, and the spawning of coral in the Great Barrier Reef one night, every spring. I remember my first lesson as a child, on how the Earth remembers. The teacher had brought […]


Walking tour for a sustainable Israel

With spring just around the corner, the weather in Israel is perfect for enjoying the outdoors and getting back to nature. Before the short, but icy winter melts into the fierce summer heat, Israel’s Heschel Center for Environmental Leadership will be teaming up with Hazon in New York for a four-day hike along the northern […]


Water-a-Plenty – Even in Israel?

 We’re accustomed to the doom-and-gloom prophecies of Israel’s chronic water shortage and how the thirst of the growing population of a country that is over 50% desert is going to crash and burn one day in the future. So it came as a shock to the system to hear Machiavellian German hydrogeologist, Clemens Messerschmid insist […]

Man in the Landscape

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x4j3u8z2Ct8[/youtube] I’ve been researching Bedouin issues in the Negev Desert for about 5 years, and one of the first individuals I met was Nuri El-Ukbi. Nuri and the El-Ukbi tribe have claims to the land named in arabic El-Araquib, which is roughly situated between Rahat and Beersheva. It is a vast area of land, roughly […]


Controversial New Arab City in the Galilee

Probably my best memory of Israel is hiking in the Galilee as a teenager. With its green expanses enlivened with blood-red and yellow flowers and sparkling streams, there is no place in Israel like the Galilee. Much political furor has been provoked by Minister Meir Sheetrit’s promise to build an Arab city in the Galilee. […]


Water, water everywhere: Oceans

  The wonderful wild weather of last week, and according to forecasts, in the week to come; has inspired a series of special water-related posts. This first one examines the findings of a new International report focusing on the condition of the World’s Oceans. It does not unfortunately make for happy reading…………………. Ben Halpern, a […]


The Battle for Israel's Palmachim Beach

It’s only February and the beach is already a hot topic in Israel, but alas, for all the wrong reasons. Work has got underway in the last few weeks to build a 350-apartment holiday resort on a virtually untouched part of Palmachim Beach, which lies midway between the cities of Tel Aviv and Ashdod. It […]


An Organic Gooseberry Bush

This post is devoted to the sheer joy of growing something, in this case, an organic gooseberry bush (Hebrew: Hazrazar) (Latin: Ribes Grossularia). Growing something – anything really, from a geranium stem, roughly transplanted and shoved in soil, to vegetables for your plate; can be a mystical experience. It mesmerizes, absorbs, transfixes … and continues […]


Israeli Forests Are Pining Away

While most Israelis take pride in having made the desert bloom, some of the imported “blooms” have been contested over the years as threats to the ecosystem. In a land where Biblical passages echo everywhere, it’s sometimes disconcerting to realize just how dramatically the face of the landscape has been changed in recent years, and […]


Young Whale Dies off Israel’s Shore

Bring out the tissues. When we heard the news that a 15 metre fin whale had made it to Ashkelon, in Israel, our hearts filled with joy. We know whales have come to these shores before. Take Jona and the Whale story, for example. Our hearts sunk. The young female calf found swimming off the […]


The Kishon River: Polluted No More?

The Kishon River was once a notorious dumping ground for seven chemical plants, with the result that the entire ecosystem died and the river was even blamed for causing cancer in soldiers (though that has never been proven conclusively). In recent years, the Ministry of Environmental Protection has initiated what they refer to as a […]