Human Coconut Waste Becomes Perfect Abode for Octopus

In this Dec. 10, 2009 photo taken near Indonesia and released by Museum Victoria, a veined octopus, Amphioctopus marginatus, hides in a coconut shell. Photo: AP Not long ago Green Prophet reported strange activity of corals eating large jellyfish, as a possible response to global climate change. A team of young Israeli scientists got the […]


Teva Learning Center Combines Environmental and Spiritual Awareness With An Eye to the East

A North American Jewish environmental awareness center is expanding its programs in environmental education to make Jewish students more aware of the need to combine the values of Judaism with those of preserving the environment. The Teva Learning Center, headed by Director Nili Simhai, has become North America’s foremost Jewish environmental education institute, with the […]


In Praise of the Middle East Squat Toilet in Sinai

The eastern squat toilet is the world’s perfect eco-toilet. Come and look inside. Some people think they’re primitive, but I love them. The hole-in-the-floor Middle East squat toilets can be found in Turkey, Syria, Jordan and Egypt –– and likely in other Middle East countries I’ve yet to visit. They’re used in China too. Not […]


Taga's Chic, Slick, Inner City Ride, Kids Included

Taga’s “transformer” bike-stroller converts quickly to match the pace and space of urban living. But one Green Prophet reader asks: Where are those kids’ helmets? If you liked reading about Taga’s hybrid bike-stroller on Green Prophet, here’s an update: Urban parents are all too familiar with the hassles of driving and parking in the city. […]


GoEco Pioneers Volunteer Eco Tourism in Israel

There are plenty of eco tourism options all over the Middle East.  With the vast range of habitats present in this relatively small region, it’s no wonder that eco tourism is gaining popularity in Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Iran and Israel. But volunteer tourism?  That’s something new. GoEco, a volunteer organization established in 2005 […]


Turkey Plans to Dam its Sole Biosphere

Farmers in northeastern Turkey are furious at the government’s plans to flood the verdant region with eight hydroelectric dams. According to the Hurriyet Daily News, Turkey is scrambling to meet its energy needs, and the Macahel basin is one of 550 sites in the Black Sea area marked for dams. The Macahel Basin was declared […]


5 Must-See Green & Tech Travel Stops at Israeli Kibbutzes

In past Green Prophet articles, we’ve visted Kibbutzes in Israel’s Negev region — ones involved in environmental and renewable energy projects. Negev’s Arava- Arabah in Arabic –  region north of Eilat) we take you on a journey visiting 5 of them. While some of these are specializing in one type of project, like solar energy, others […]


Baby Crocodile Boards EgyptAir Flight

If until now you worried about carbon offsets for your international flights, you may want to add baby crocodiles to the list of concerns. On Friday, a foot-long croc was found scurrying down the aisles of an EgyptAir flight from Abu Dhabi to Cairo. The Emirati paper The National reports that EgyptAir has claimed the […]


WWOOF Your Way to Organic Food in the Middle East

If you think that WWOOF is the sound that a dog makes… well, you’re right.  But it also stands for “Willing Workers On Organic Farms,” or “World-Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms.”  So keep your ears tuned in for that term, because the WWOOF movement is spreading globally – including right here in the Middle East. […]


Live Like A Bedouin and Save Water at Chan HaShayarot

(A bird’s eye view of Chan HaShayarot) We’ve already learned about immersion Arabic in a solar Bedouin village in Israel. Here’s another eco-tourism stop: located in the Negev, just south of Sde Boker, the Chan HaShayarot provides guests with a true Bedouin experience including camel rides, Bedouin food, and the option of sleeping in a […]