Q. Will Our Drinking Water Suddenly Stop? A. No

A friend of mine recently asked me with great concern about the water supply from his tap  – is it going to disappear tomorrow? Next week? We hear reports about all of the contamination of our water supplies, and we see the public service announcements in which the lovely model’s skin  turns to bark before […]


Lebanon Celebrates Three Years of an Organic Farming Project

Last Friday, World Vision and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) celebrated the achievements of a three year project that has helped hundreds of Lebanese farmers grow organic agriculture in Lebanon.  The project – called the Sustainable Agri-Business Initiative for Lebanon Project – directly helped 800 farmers and over 4500 people in total. […]


Eilat Fish Cages: Out of frying pan, into Ashdod harbor

The Israel Union for Environmental Defense (IUED) reported that yesterday (September 14) the Israeli government approved plans to place fish cages in the Ashdod harbor.  This marine agriculture initiative was removed from the Eilat harbor after a controversy over whether they were harming the coral reefs in the Bay of Eilat/Aqaba.  Without getting into the […]


Ahava is Good For the Skin, But What About the Dead Sea?

Within the realm of cosmetics, Ahava certainly holds a certain respect. Founded in 1988, the Israeli company exports its skin-enriching products, infused with minerals from the Dead Sea, to over 30 countries around the world. On its website under the Environmental Responsibility tab, Ahava writes that “the Company’s activities are undertaken with a view towards preserving the […]


Do Israeli Organic Standards Need Fixing?

If you’re going to shell out the extra shekels for organic food, you’re want to be confident that you’re getting the real deal. Personally, I think the price of organic food is worth paying, whether you’re buying it for selfish reasons (taste, avoiding nasty chemicals and GMOs) or altruistic ones (treading lightly our small country) […]


Are Microwave Ovens Health Hazards?

Microwave ovens are an important cooking and food heating tool in many modern homes, especially here in Israel. Many people may not be aware, however, just how dangerous these gadgets are to human health. Recently, much attention has been given to microwaves, or “micro-gals” (as they are called by Israelis) in that they produce similar […]


SAHA's Fairly Local Trade

For most people, fair trade means making sure South American and African farmers get paid a reasonable wage to grow coffee and chocolate. But in Israel, fair trade is much more local. Two companies have emerged in the last few years to provide a living wage for farmers in the region. The first, SAHA, is […]


Fresh fava (ful medames) beans for salads

Ful medames; ta’miyya; bissara — fava beans have given rise to iconic dishes across the Middle East. Egyptian cuisine is unimaginable without them. They’ve been a staple in the region for about eight thousand years, and were one of the first plants cultivated for food. Most often, they are used in their dried form: rehydrated […]


Is Israel's Bottled Water Polluted?

As a thirsty greenie living in Israel, I try to avoid buying bottled water, and instead have recently purchased a very cool stainless steel water bottle – made in the US by Klean Kanteen. But sometimes it’s difficult to avoid buying some water in plastic bottles – although after reading this story, I will think […]


Organic Whole Wheat Bread for Harvest Time and Shavuot

(image credit: giggul371) Shavuot is best known as the holiday which commemorates the bestowal of the Ten Commandments at Mount Sinai. It is also the celebration of the harvest of the Bikkurim, the first fruits of the year. Pomegranates and figs may come most easily to mind, but wheat is another of the Shiv’at Haminim, […]


Citramed Preserves our Cosmetics the Natural Way

Parabens, a preservative used in cosmetics such as shampoos, deodorants, toothpastes and creams, are nasty things.  They’re bad for our health, bad for the environment, and bad for all the creatures that we share this planet with. Parabens have been proven to be linked to cancer, and a study in the UK has showed extremely […]