Innowattech Proves It Can Collect Energy From Highways and Byways


“Parasitic” energy harvesting systems. An Israeli company shows it can collect energy from Israel’s highways. Think of the volume of traffic on your city highways. It’s just going to waste. But hopefully not for long: an Israeli company Innowattech has found a way to take the mechanical energy created by cars to convert it to […]

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"Turd Timber" By Qteros Makes Biofuel from Human and Animal Excrement


  An Israeli-American team develops sludge to ethanol technology The stuff may stink to high heaven, and is very unpleasant to work with; but “manure in the sewer”, or just plain “poop” is fast on its way to becoming a viable biofuel. Thanks to a venture involving an American bio-fuel company, Qteros, and an Israeli […]

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How Israel's Military Secrets Translate to Clean Technology


Since its founding in 1917, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, usually known as the JTA, has been a leading international journalistic source for communicating news and  projects  dealing with the world-wide Jewish community.  Many JTA news articles have dealt with various developments in Israel and the Middle East, including those which are beneficial to the cause […]

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PowerSines Saves On Industrial-Scale Lighting Costs and Greenhouse Gas Emissions


If the Swiss do business with them, they must be doing something right, reasons Eran Tagor, CEO of PowerSines. Founded in 1980 it’s doing more than impressing the discriminating Swiss. With a staff of 55, the company supplies two main products to municipalities and businesses across the globe: the LEC (Lighting Efficient Controller) for retail […]

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Optical "Soil Dipstick" Forecasts the Health of Farms, Forests and the Planet


According to climate change experts, our planet has a fever — melting glaciers are just one stark sign of the radical changes we can expect. But global warming’s effects on farming and water resources is still a mystery. A new Tel Aviv University invention, a real-time “Optical Soil Dipstick” (OSD), may help solve the mystery […]

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The Spanish Government Boycotts the Environment


Boycotting and destabilizing a country’s business heart for political reasons is fine in my books. But boycotting art, schools, or the environment? Spain, with which Israel has a number of high profile collaborative environmental projects in solar energy and in water, have decided to boycott a solar science project from an Israeli academic team because […]

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Tigo Energy's Solar Solution Monitors Power From The Sun


Tigo Energy’s inside the box thinking, optimizes solar power plant output Despite the cutting-edge science invested in solar energy, some aspects of the industry lag behind, explains Jeffrey Krisa, VP of marketing and sales for Tigo Energy. And that’s just where his company comes in. Since 2007 it has raised $17 million, and Tigo Energy is […]

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Dow Licenses BioPetroClean's Tech To Gobble Up Oil In Wastewater


Even the CEO was initially skeptical about BioPetroClean’s simple and effective solution for cleaning up industrial wastewater, but it works; and now Dow Chemicals is onboard. The idea that microscopic bacteria could cheaply and efficiently cleanse oceans of industrial wastewater may seem far-fetched. But it is just this premise that launched BioPetroClean, a Texas-based cleantech […]

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BrightSource Solar Energy Teams up with Bectel to Build Large California Solar Energy Facility


  Following a previous agreement made between the BrightSource solar energy  company and California’s PG&E utility company,  a recent article in Israel’s financial newspaper, Globes (9.10.2009)  noted that  the American-Israeli solar energy giant is now partnering with the American Bectel construction contracting company to build a 440 megawatt solar energy power plant in southeastern California. Involving […]

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NATO Aids Water Bridge Between Jordan, Israel and the US


Israel and Jordan share environmental problems, but regional politics and prejudices – despite a peace agreement – keep them from solving them together. A new North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) grant set up to develop two inland water desalination plants – one in Israel and one in Jordan – not only gets two Middle East […]

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Global Cleantech 100 Includes 5 Israeli Companies


Israel was the only Middle East representation to make the new Global Cleantech 100 list, and according to the survey 5 companies made the cut.  According to the search engine on the Guardian, only 4 made the cut, they are water purification company AqWise, solar company Solel Solar Systems, energy storage company EnStorage, wind energy gear […]

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Frankenstein Falafel? Israeli consumers at risk from GM foods


Recent laboratory tests have discovered that consumers in Israel are eating Genetically Modified Organisms – whether they like it or not. Tests by Milouda Quality Control Laboratories, which analyses food destined for sale in the European Union, discovered GM soya in popular foods sold in stores across Israel, reports Haaretz. Food contaminated with GM included baked goods, […]

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2009 World Water Week Honors Young Turkish and Israeli Innovators


World Water Week, an annual meeting in Stockholm about the world’s most urgent water-related issues, took place this year between August 16-22.  Organized by the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI), it brought together water experts, practitioners, decision makers, and global leaders in order to come up with solutions to international water crises. It also recognized […]

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Aqua Soft's Drone Plane Collects Water From Air, Drops It As Rain


Global warming increasingly threatens humankind’s reliance on rainfall, but now an Israeli inventor has come up with an ingenious solution to diminishing water sources: a hovering unmanned plane powered by solar energy that harvests water from the air and drops it to the ground as rainwater. The idea may sound wacky, but Mayer Fitoussi, CEO […]

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Tooth Enamel Biomimicry Inspires Lighter, More Fuel Efficient Planes and Spacecraft


It’s been a mystery: how can our teeth withstand such an enormous amount of pressure, over many years, when tooth enamel is only about as strong as glass? A new study by Prof. Herzl Chai of Tel Aviv University’s School of Mechanical Engineering and his colleagues at the National Institute of Standards and Technology and […]

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