Meet DESERTEC’s Oliver Steinmetz: Opportunities for Middle East Countries


Farming the sun from hot climates to Europe? This is the plan of DESERTEC. Today we speak with Oliver Steinmetz. Oliver’s a co-founder and volunteer board member for the DESERTEC Foundation, a small NGO founded in 2008 to promote the DESERTEC concept of supplying clean energy from desert regions to regions with less sun, like […]

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Saudi Arabia and IBM to Develop Solar-powered Desalination Plant


Green Prophet’s post on solar powered desalination plants earlier this year reported Saudi Arabia’s interest in harnessing solar energy to drive its growing array of desalination plants. This week the oil-rich kingdom announced a partnership with IBM to pursue this goal. King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST), Saudi Arabia’s leading R&D institute, will team […]

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Enviromena Solar Company Awarded Enviro Prize, and Busts Arab Stereotypes


Arab solar energy company gets awarded for its sustainable vision in Beirut, Lebanon. They sealed a $15 million round of financing this year; now Abu Dhabi’s solar developer Enviromena Power Systems (“Enviromena”) won the “Sustainable Development of the Environment Award” at the Takreem Arab Achievement Awards held in Beirut last month. Hosted by Al Jazeera’s […]

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Arab Company Agrobics Cleans Industrial Wastewater, Inspired By Olive Waste


“If agricultural wastewater went straight to the wastewater treatment plant, the facility would just collapse,” says Dr. Isam Sabbah, left, founder of the clean tech company Agrobics. Growing up in the Galilee region of Israel, Dr. Isam Sabbah was all too aware of the problems associated with the waste from olive presses. He’d seen organic […]

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ENGEX Conference on Energy, Water, Transportation and the Environment Offers 10% Discount to Green Prophet Readers


EngEx, an organization of independent and nonpartisan engineers, believes that “enhanced communication, achieved through unity and constant exchange of research and dialogue, is the means to a solution for energy, water, infrastructure, and climate concerns.” And it is organizing a conference in order to provide a forum for such communication. EngEx hopes that their conference […]

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Lebanon Looks to "Smart Grid" and Renewable Sources to Generate 12% of Its Electricity by 2020


Addressing a renewable energy forum in Beirut earlier this month, Lebanon’s Water and Energy Minister Gebran Bassil (pictured left) cited the need for regulatory changes to facility the introduction of renewable energy in the country, but expressed optimism that Lebanon will reach its goal of generating 12% of its electricity through renewable resources by 2020. […]

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Japan and Saudi Arabia Plan Giant Desalination Equipment Plant to "Freshen Up" Regional Water Supplies


Revese osmosis membrane equipment will help quench thirst of oil rich, but water-poor Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia has been in the news a lot in regards to building desalination facilities, on which the Kingdom depends for most of its fresh water supplies. This includes what has been hailed as the worlds’ largest desalination facility in […]

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Kuwait Still Cleaning Up Environment After Saddam's Mess


While the final votes were being counted in the Iraqi elections this week, a three-day conference was held in Kuwait to discuss efforts to repair the environmental devastation inflicted by a previous Iraqi regime nearly two decades ago. In retreat from its seven-month occupation of Kuwait that triggered the Gulf War of 1991, Saddam Hussein’s […]

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Israel prepares to combat greenhouse gas emissions


(Image via Israel’s cabinet approved a joint proposal by the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the Ministry of Finance on Sunday to formulate a national plan on greenhouse gas emissions, the Globes newspaper reported. An inter-ministerial committee will be formed to study a range of issues, including energy efficiency, green construction, and the ramifications […]

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Rethinking Climate Change Under the Middle East Sun


Sea levels off Israel’s coast have been rising and falling over the last 2,500 years suggesting that short-term trends of rising sea levels may not necessarily reveal a long-term trend. Researchers around the world are putting their minds together, focusing on both global and local patterns to find symptoms of climate change. Is there going […]

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SolarEdge and Flextronics Create Solar Energy Products – and Jobs


Israeli startup SolarEdge partners with NASDAQ-traded Flextronics (FLEX) to ramp up solar energy harvesting systems. Solar energy projects in Israel’s northern sectors are sure to get a boost from a signed agreement between SolarEdge Technologies Ltd and   Flextronics Inc to produce  systems for improving the efficiency of photovoltaic panels at Flextronics’ plant in Migdal Ha’Emek […]

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Last Call for Israeli Clean Tech Companies: Meet Dream Teams In California


If you were an aspiring actor, it would be like getting an invitation to a wine and cheese Hollywood party with the industry’s top directors. Or an aspiring chef, getting some in-person training with Le Cordon Bleu masters in Paris. If you are an Israeli clean technology entrepreneur in focus areas of renewable energy, water, […]

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South Korea Looks to Collaborate With Israel on Renewable Energy


Shimon Peres from Israel and Lee Myung-bak from South Korea at Davos. (Image via Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs.) A high-ranking delegation from South Korea is currently visiting Israel to explore possibilities for collaboration between the two countries on renewable energy. The 37-member delegation represents 22 companies, as well as local authorities and R&D centers, […]

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Israel Seeks to Build Nuclear Power Plants With Arab Neighbors


A pan-Middle East nuclear power plan? Arabs and Israelis working together? While Israel continues to maintain a policy of ambiguity regarding its military nuclear capability, it is making no secret about its plans to pursue a nuclear option to meet its energy needs. The minister of infrastructure, Uzi Landau, officially announced today that Israel seeks […]

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Tap Into North Africa and Middle East Solar Opportunities at MENASOL


Destertec and Masdar (above) are heating up solar energy opportunities in the Middle East. Tap into this new energy at the 2nd Annual MENASOL conference, this year in Egypt. Image via Masdar website. Green Prophet wants to remind you about MENASOL –– the major solar energy conference taking place in Cairo, Egypt this May. You can […]

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"Cold Peace" May Keep Proposed Egyptian-Israeli Solar Project On Ice


An Israeli-Egyptian solar project in the Sinai Desert? Not on Egypt’s account. It was the sunniest news to come out of the Eilat Energy conference last week: that Israel and Egypt would be cooperating on solar energy projects in the Sinai Desert, now under Egyptian sovereignty. While Israel and Egypt, thanks to Sadat now have […]

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5 Tips for Cleantech Companies to use PR to Gain Credibility in the Marketplace


Cutting your teeth in the PR business of clean technology? David Goldman from Expansion Media offers 5 tips that can help you and your clients get noticed. On the heels of the Brightsource announcement today as well as the 60 Minutes segment that focused on stealthy and well-funded Bloom Energy and the flood of news coverage that […]

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US Gov. Guarantees $1.4 Billion in Loans For BrightSource and World's Largest Solar Thermal Plant


Controversy loomed over coyote land, but now BrightSource with a US Gov guarantee will create largest solar energy project in the world, in Ivanpah CA. BrightSource Energy, a privately held company with operations in the United States, Israel, and Australia, announced today that the US Department of Energy has conditionally committed to provide $1.37 billion […]

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Free Webinar on Concentrated Solar Thermal Power Technology with Manuel Silva


A free and universally accessible five-session “webinar” on Concentrated Solar Thermal Power (CSTP) technology is being offered by Seville University and will be taught by Manuel Silva (one of the “fathers” of CSTP in Spain). Manuel Silva is a PhD Industrial Engineer with 24 years of engineering experience, together with 10 years as Associate Professor […]

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