Saudi Prince’s yacht Serene spews carbon emissions

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The yacht Serene, owned by Saudi Arabian Prince Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud, sailed for 5 days over 2,552 km at the end of November, reports climate chnage yacht tracker Politiyacht.

During this voyage at sea, Politiyacht writes, the yacht produced at least 1,456 tons of CO₂. Its itinerary was calculated using global sea routes.

Politiyacht tracks yachts owned by politicians, world leaders and their allies using data from the AIS network. It then estimates CO₂ emissions, a proxy for understanding greenhouse gas emissions. 

Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud is the Crown Prince and Prime Minister of #SaudiArabia. He and his family own the largest company in the world, which happens to be the largest oil company in the world, Saudi Aramco. They also own the Public Investment Fund pouring money into destination travel to sites like The Rig.

Saudi Arabia, the rig, oil rig theme park

The Rig, a converted oil rig turned into a theme park, hotels, restaurants

Neom and The Line are a couple other mega travel destinations and cities planned by the Saudi Arabian royal. He also serves as the chairman of the Council of Economic and Development Affairs and chairman of the Council of Political and Security Affairs.

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