5 Tips To Enjoy Your Trip To A Hill Station

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Going back to nature is one of the most replenishing things you can do to break the monotony of life. You will not only feel refreshed but also more connected with yourself. The clean and purified air of a hill station is not only good for your body but also has tremendous effects on your soul. You will feel light-weight after spending quality time in nature. 

When you visit a hill station,  you can utilize this time to recollect your thoughts and get in touch with yourself. The busy life we are leading in the hustle-bustle of a city, we often forget ourselves. A trip to nature can help us reconnect with ourselves. 

If you are planning to visit a hill station for your holidays this season, here we present to you five tips to make the most out of your trip. 

Plan Your Trip

Planning a trip is very important if you truly want to enjoy every moment to the fullest. Without a properly planned trip, you will only waste your time and energy. You should know the best route to reach your destination as roads to hill stations can be rushy as well as in a bad shape. Therefore, you should plan your route and your schedule. 

You should plan your budget before leaving for the trip. This makes sure that you have enough cash to pay for the essentials such as hotel room, car fuel, and other expenses and also carry a little extra cash in case of emergencies. Do not rely on ATMs, as they are a rare sight in hill stations. 

Thirdly, you should also plan your trip, the activities you are going to do and what are the best places to visit where you are going. Make sure that you utilize your time and money effectively. 

Maintain Your Health

Maintaining good health when traveling to a hill station can be a tough job. If you do not take precautionary measures, you can get sick easily. First of all, you should bring enough water to last your trip. If you did not bring water, make sure you use only the bottled water, as freshwater can cause distress to your body. Our bodies are not accustomed to freshwater, therefore, if you drink water from local taps, you might end up getting a stomach ache. 

You should also make sure that you try out local food only from places that maintain good hygienic practices. Eating substandard food may also upset your stomach and ruin your entire trip. Follow health maintenance tips to keep yourself healthy and energized for the trip. 

Spend More Time In Nature

The very reason you are visiting a hill station is to reconnect with yourself and to reconnect with nature. Try to avoid office work while on vacation. Instead, participate actively in the activities that the hill station has to offer. You can go mountain climbing, trekking, or a simple walk in nature. The choice is yours. However, when you are visiting a hill station, there may be some allergens in the air, therefore, to be sure, get your allergy testing done so that you can stay safe during the trip. 

When in a hill station, make sure you enjoy the sounds of wild animals, birds, and insects that you might not hear in the city. Staring at the visually-appalling scenery can help you get a boost of refreshment. 

Pack All The Essentials

When packing your suitcase for the trip, make sure you pack all your essentials. Packing warm clothes would be a wise decision because nights on a hill can get chilly and you do not want to get cold and flu on your first night out on the hill station. Therefore, pack warmer clothes for the evenings.

You should pack the most comfortable pair of shoes you own. When you are at a hill station, you might want to walk to places to enjoy the fresh air and breathtaking scenery. Therefore, packing comfortable shoes will be a good option.

Lastly, you should pack all the essentials in your bag. You should have a few medicines including painkillers and anti-allergic medicines in your kit. Also, make sure you keep sunscreen and bug spray in your bag. 

Recharge Your Power Banks

The purpose of visiting a hill station is to reconnect with nature. However, you might want to keep your gadgets charged for emergencies. Always keep a fully charged power bank with yourself if you are planning to spend the entire day out. Hill stations may not have a power source available at every nook and corner. Therefore, power banks will keep you covered in this regard.

You might want to make videos and photos of nature and yourself. Therefore, a power bank will be required to keep your mobile phone and camera recharged. 


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