5 tips for making the sustainable bus option more practical

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They take wide turns in city streets and clog them as you are trying to make a left turn in your car. You think to yourself about how much traffic piles of city buses cause when in fact, you are the traffic. 

Buses can be the bane of your existence if you need to travel to uncertain destinations but if you are commuting regularly or have time to plan a trip taking the bus can be the most safe and sustainable option. But taking the bus is a headache because of inconvenient schedules and reliability. Having an app live Moveit can help you time your local buses and other apps run by private companies that schedule the buses can make the wait for boarding more pleasant. 

Here are 5 other tips for making your bus journey more pleasant:

  1. Plan your last mile: taking the train to cities like Jerusalem from Tel Aviv or taking buses from New York to Boston can be a way to relax and avoid all the expensive covid testing procedures that may be required for even short flights or train rides. The bus, when you count the getting to the airport, security screening, waiting times, boarding times and risk of flight cancel, might actually be the faster and cheaper way to get between American and European cities. But consider the last mile. How do you plan to get from the bus stop to your destination? Taking another bus might be too confusing or challenging. Maybe plan to take a taxi or an Uber? Or have a friend or family member lined up to pick you up from the bus. If you paick light, unfold your electric scooter, put your backpack on your back and off you go! Maybe one day soon your bus will be electric or will be powered by Electrode.
  2. Avoid diuretic drinks like tea, coffee and alcohol before the bus ride so you won’t be in the uncomfortable position of having to demand an unplanned convenience stop. Do bring bottled water, in your own reusable waters, and some warm herbal tea in the winter. 
  3. Plan snacks that are healthy and which keep well without refrigeration. Choose snacks that don’t make crumbs or annoying noises when you eat them. Another mindful consideration when riding the bus, making it more pleasant for you and those who share the space is bringing snacks that have no odor. Some things like boiled eggs or a tuna sandwich can be difficult for people who are sensitive to odors.
  4. On that note, also avoid perfume of any kind. Have you been there on a public bus when a woman sits down across from you with perfume so strong it makes you want to vomit? The movement and swaying of the bus can amplify the sensitivities to smells for others. Be mindful so you can expect the same thoughtfulness in return. If an odor near you offends you or makes you feel queasy, because it contains synthetics, try to choose another seat.
  5. Bring plenty of activities that don’t require your phone. Staring at a small screen in a closed space will eventually make you feel uncomfortable. Avoid the carsick feeling by bringing larger print materials to read or choose an audio book or podcast in advance that stays close to your ears only. Download backups in case your wireless service changes or becomes unreliable on the journey
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