Bio Jewelry That Helps The Planet And Looks Good

caddisfly live jewels

Here a caddisfly larva builds its own encrusted gold case. A bird would do this too if you gave it golden twine. The ethics of this is questionable.

Products that provide environmental, economic, and social benefits are known as sustainable goods or bioproducts. They help protect the environment and public health throughout their existence, from the time raw materials are extracted, until disposal. As concern for the planet has increased, many jewelry makers have found ways to create wonderful, sustainable pieces. Known as bio jewelry, they attract buyers who love beauty but want to avoid contributing to issues like pollution or human rights abuses.

Designers Transform Recycled Materials into Elegant Pieces

Sustainable jewelry makers respect the planet by re-purposing materials that go into their pieces. That often means items are made with recycled metal and fair trade gold. Some find creative ways to include parts that would otherwise go into landfills, a process that is known as upcycling. For example, some designers use upcycling to create bright, colorful earrings from bits that would otherwise be discarded. It is easy to learn whether sellers offer bio jewelry because they typically advertise the fact on company websites. For example, if you’re considering Adina’s Jewels, their customer service page outlines the company’s commitment to sustainability.

Ethically Sourced Diamonds Are the Responsible Choice

Many diamonds are extracted from mines that treat workers poorly and force them to labor in dangerous conditions. There are also diamond sellers who only get stones from companies that pay fair wages and are committed to humanitarian practices. These are known as ethical diamonds and are the only type of stones used by designers like Kimberly McDonald. One of several sustainable jewelry makers listed in Harper’s Bazaar, the brand gives back to the environment and supports several charities. Some of her designs include stunning earrings and bracelets made using reclaimed gold and recycled diamonds.

Handcrafted Items Support Important Causes

Sustainable jewelry can also be defined as hand-made accessories that support local women and humanitarian causes. For example, African designer Akola sells a line of unique, eye-catching pieces made by Ugandan women. Their colorful earrings and necklaces are one of a kind. The women who handcraft pieces use sustainable local materials that include raffia, up-cycled cow horn, and sisal. Benefits from sales of the company’s vibrant pieces empower women and contribute to local economic development.

Wald Berlin’s statement necklaces and dainty ankle bracelets are also examples of jewelry made with a humanitarian purpose. Products are crafted in small German villages by unemployed mothers and grandmothers. The lovely pieces combine natural materials such as freshwater pearls, seashells, and crystals.

Cleanly Produced Jewelry Conserves Resources

The processes used to produce jewelry can also brand them as sustainable. Dozens of designers are committed to delivering appealing jewelry using eco-friendly methods. According to Vogue, the AGMES company is a good example. Lead by two sisters, the company’s designers maintain a small environmental footprint and hand make everything locally. All of the sculptural silhouettes that go into their designs are fashioned from recycled metals. Fans of unique sterling jewelry will love their line.

Green jewelry designer Washed Ashore has also committed to sustainability throughout every phase of their operations. Pieces are crafted of postconsumer stones and recycled metals. They include options like a stunning zodiac ring as well as distinctive gold and silver earrings. The business has a green refinery facility and sells products in fully recyclable packaging.

Today many jewelry buyers are looking for sustainability as well as beauty. Fortunately, many designers are now committed to providing bio jewelry that is ethically sourced and created in an eco-friendly environment. Green jewelry designers strive to use recycled or natural materials in their products. They work to reduce their environmental footprints while benefiting humanitarian causes.

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