Getting Job Counseling for the Green Career You Deserve

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No doubt this planetary shut-down has got you thinking. How can I make my contributions to this one great life count? 

To say the very least, it’s an interesting time in the job market. Jobs are closing or restructuring due to the COVID-19 fiasco, and odds are, you may looking for a new job or wanting to transfer. Unless you can get yourself a self-sustaining cabin in the woods, then you may need to work somehow.

This is honestly a good time to get yourself in the green business. Carbon emissions are slowing because of the virus. Animals are taking over towns. And you deserve a career to help improve the planet when all is said and done.

One way you can do this is through the power of the Internet. Online counseling in the job market is valuable, and may be needed when you can no longer meet someone face-to-face. Here’s how an online job counselor can help.

Help Find Your Passion

Maybe you want to be in the business of going green, but you’re unsure how you can do it. Do you want to find the next renewable injury breakthrough? Do you want to start your own social NGO? Maybe you want to be a farmer who grows and sells their own food. All of these are noble choices that an online therapist can help you find.

An online therapist will talk about what skills you have and what careers can be a good fit for your job.

Helps You Find Your Experience

If you do find a job you want, you may feel like you’re not fit for the job because of experience requirements. Every job wants a certain amount of experience and a skill set that you may not have, and because of this, you may ignore jobs that would otherwise be a good fit for you.

However, there are ways for you to get a job even if you believe that you’re not a good fit for it. You’d be surprised by how many jobs will hire you even if you don’t have all the requirements. Having soft skills and some proof of your hardworking attitude are just a few ways you can get past the gatekeepers of a job. For example, getting hired in the organic food business can happen if you talk about your own diet and how good you are at prepping meals.

Getting You Out of the Job You Dislike

Life is too short for you to work at a job that makes you feel unhappy and uncomfortable. However, many people are in jobs that are repetitive and who treat them unfairly, especially in the middle of this crisis. With that said, a career counselor can help you make the transition. It can be hard to change a job, especially during this time. One way a career counselor may help is to teach you some work-from-home jobs or gigs you can take on in the meanwhile.

Helping You Have the Confidence

Sometimes, we don’t get the jobs we deserve because we aren’t confident enough. A little confidence goes a long way, and those who don’t have it may never apply for the job or have the confidence to do a follow-up call.

A counselor can help you get your confidence back, helping you to find reasons for your insecurities and allowing you to discover that sometimes, it’s okay for you to apply for a job even though you fear rejection.

Helping With Your Mental State

Besides, online job counseling, there is online therapy. Online therapy is a profession that is needed more than ever since many people are having to stay home and cope with businesses and the world itself closing down. Depression, anxiety, stress, and uncertainty are just a few symptoms you may be fearing. Online therapy can help you have some peace, and right now, it can be a safer option due to the fact that it is remote. 

Having a job is important, but so is keeping your mental state in check. A good therapist and counselor can help with all aspects of your life, so speak to an online therapist near you and see what they can do for you. Chances are, you can speak to a counselor who is a perfect fit.  If you’re dreaming about starting your own small business, ensure your success with our top resources:

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