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If you are part of the international jetset you probably already own your own yacht and can take it for a spin around the world. For those of us who live more modestly and in accordance with buy less, experience more, you probably never dream about owning something like a yacht which requires thousands of dollars in upkeep. While every one of us might have had a sail around the world with a lover, kids or best mate, the reality is that sailing is rather hard work and it gets lonely a lot of the time. 

Once when we travelled to Turkey we hired a small sailboat which over 6 days took us all along the Mediterranean where we visited very few people and very pristine beaches and islands. We got our cruise for a song and a dance because it was the last run of the season and the captain was taking his boat home. 

Last summer we spent it on an island in Italy, a big island –– Sicily –– and because lovely out of the way beaches could be reached by car we had no need to hire a cruise boat for more than one day. But after that one day we longed for more. So it got me thinking, where else can we explore in Europe without breaking the bank but at the same time enjoy fabulous nature without having to swim in swarms of plastic?

Croatia has come up time and time again. A number of my friends have spent affordable summer vacations there –– at sea and hiking in the mountains. And if you look on a map, Croatia shares the same beautiful Mediterranean waters as Italy, Spain, France and Portugal. Yachts and luxury cruises are becoming more commonplace and while they are not cheap, averaging about $3,000 to $10,000 a week per person, it’s much less than what you’d pay if you were an Onassis. 

Maybe it’s affordable as a family honeymoon for mixed marriages to bring the kids and grandparents together? Maybe it’s a luxury retreat for the VPs at your business, as a thank you bonus. Maybe it’s a final wish for someone you love who has an illness. Of course the best way to be with those you love is not necessarily doing things on a bucket list, sometimes changing the venue radically can improve the overall experience. I noticed this when I would take my parents on holiday with us in the winter. 

We’d go away for an extended amount of time and the way they got to bond with me and the kids away from the normal routine, away from city life, away from bills and shopping and the routine of every day –– it meant the world to us. And we made memories that will stick with us forever. So there are plenty of ways to spend your inheritance. Enjoying it with people you love is the best way. 

These boats (look at the pictures) are large and expansive. Ask for sailing options only as a means to reduce your carbon footprint and blow where the wind takes you. Usually these kinds of adventures also rely on fresh local, fresh caught food to feel your body and soul. Another reason why on water cruises are a good eco option. Just make sure to ask about the bilge waste, anchoring and coral reefs. 

A whole industry around boats and yachting is about to open around Saudi Arabia and we worry deeply about the lack of awareness there for marine life and environmental stewardship. 

Maybe it’s on your bucket list to feel like a millionaire for a week? A cruise might be the way.

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