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Alcoholism is not the biggest problem in the Middle East, where the majority of the culture there (Islam) prohibits consuming alcohol. Likely this prohibition came about from the dangers of drinking too much. If you are already out of control, consider drinking less or quitting – for your health

Motivation is something that encourages you to act or behave in a particular way. Often, the motivation to go off alcohol comes from the outside. Your doctor, spouse, partner, parent or child may urge you to quit drinking. Maybe your friends or business colleagues have approached you. Or maybe you have legal obligations related to problem drinking that require you to stop. However, without being personally motivated, the likelihood of getting and staying sober is low.

Where to look for something that can increase your desire to live an alcohol-free life? Here’re 5 practical tools for getting and staying motivated in alcohol recovery.

  1. Set a Goal.

Of course, giving up alcohol must be your #1 priority. A partial commitment won’t work. To focus on sobriety, you may need to get enrolled in some alcohol rehab for men – provides information. It may be the best solution for those who already had several unsuccessful attempts.

Problematic drinking occurs while or instead of doing things a person wants. Setting a goal that excites you can increase your motivation to give up your bad habit. Think of something you really want to do, something that can brighten your life and bring new emotions.

For some, visiting another city, state or country may be a great experience. For others, extreme activities like a jump with a parachute may boost their motivation. Determine one or several short-term goals that will drive you forward.

Also, it’s beneficial to have a couple of long-term goals in different aspects of your life. One study identified the priorities of people who are in recovery from substance use disorder. They are finding a job (up to 34%), fixing family and social relationships (up to 24%), getting education and training (up to 23%), focusing on emotional health and self-work (up to 21%), and improving physical health (up to 20%).

  1. Tune into the Positive Vibes.

The thoughts like “I can’t do this” or “It’s too difficult” are discouraging. Instead of making excuses, give it a try. After all, you should spend your time and energy in some useful way.   

Every goal has its obstacles. And success is reached by those who push themselves forward and stay motivated to keep trying and working.

Remember, there’s always a way to cope with the obstacle. Overcoming them is a boost to motivation. If there were no obstacles in alcohol recovery and quitting were super easy, who would feel proud of battling his awful habit? No men-only rehab would exist.

So, always stick to a more positive side. Don’t get me wrong, we should evaluate our strengths and talents realistically. But it’s not OK to have a negative look at everything.

  1. Find Three Things to Boost Your Mood Fast.

What are your favorite healthy ways to relax and cope with stress? Determine three of them to use any time you feel below par or negative thoughts start to overwhelm you.

It can be simple activities like going for a walk, talking to a supportive friend, or coloring pages for adults. How can this help?

Getting out for a walk gives a chance to stop actively thinking about the problem. And since walking doesn’t require much concentration, you may find the solutions to important issues that you wouldn’t have otherwise while staying in one place.

It’s important to have sober friends who will support you in challenging situations. A supportive friend is someone who understands who you are and what you need. He/she can stop you from relapse by the right words or actions. Their attitude is not judgmental. And they don’t have an ulterior motive in taking care of you.

Coloring books for adults are the latest anti-stress trend. This type of art therapy helps to combat stress, anxiety, and even depression.

  1. Determine Your Unique Reasons for Quitting Alcohol.

Take an honest look at your life. What are the areas that are suffering because of your addiction? Is it your health? Is it a financial side? Maybe your reason has to do with your family. Male addiction can push a couple on the verge of a divorce. Maybe your kids are embarrassed to see you drunk and they’ve lost their respect.    

Make a list of the areas of your life affected by alcohol abuse. Then, pick one area or problem that needs to be solved in the first place. Think well what to do about it. Use it as your inspiration: it’s the major reason you want to quit or cut back on drinking alcohol.

When you feel a craving, read this list and look at the unfortunate consequences of your drinking. Imagine what these consequences would be in 5 years if you don’t give up this habit. Also, think about the benefits your decision to start a sober life has brought you. It’s a great exercise to increase your motivation. 

  1. Focus on the Benefits.

Amazing benefits of leaving alcohol include the absence of hang-overs, better sleep, improved financial situation, lower risk of cancer and other diseases, higher productivity, and many others. Focus on the advantages. If you’re prone to negativity, you’re potentially setting yourself up for further misery in the future.

Why Muslims don’t drink alcohol

The goal of behavioral therapy used in men-only rehab programs is to teach patients to think positively. That’s important for avoiding relapse. There’s strong evidence showing that negative thought patterns push alcohol users in the state of helplessness and depression, and to cope with it, they drink. Therapists in any men-only rehabilitation center know that positive thinking can improve their patients’ mental and physical well-being.

These 5 tools are quite universal. You can use them to reach any goal, whether it’s quitting drinking or smoking, getting an education, or building a business.

Take Care and keep the alcohol out of your mouth. Good luck!

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