4 Fascinating Room Setup Options

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We’re always looking for something new and creative to do with our homes. But eventually, you get tired of just rearranging the furniture and are at a loss as to what else to try. You’re in luck, because finding cool new stuff to do with your home is surprisingly easy, and a lot of fun to boot.

Some folks may not have the utmost confidence in their DIY skills or creativity. However, there are super simple changes you can make that don’t require a background as a contractor or an interior decorator. And, they will leave your home looking great nonetheless.

Let’s look at four of the coolest projects, adjustments, and other setup changes you can make to your home.

Turn your bedroom walls into alcoves or wall niches

If your home has drywall like in most modern homes (as opposed to the hard plaster walls from years gone by), then they have plenty of hollow space you can use for a nook or wall niche. It won’t be deep enough for full-on closet space. However, if you use a stud finder to locate the wooden beams in the wall, you can open the wall up and install shallow shelves for small items like your alarm clock, cell phone, wallet, or even a bedtime book.

Get smaller-scale furniture for your living room

Living rooms have gotten progressively bigger in houses built from the 1960s onward. Older homes tend to have much more modestly-sized living rooms. And as such, you can get the most out of the space by forgoing the huge, corner-hugging couch and wall-spanning entertainment center. Instead, get more reasonably-sized loveseats and chairs. You’ll be amazed at how much bigger the room looks just making that one change.

Ditch the dining room cabinets and go with shelving instead

Nobody will argue that the classic china closet looks great and adds a touch of class to any dining room. But, the downside is that they’re also usually huge and wildly space-inefficient. Another option you might try is floating shelves. They can be placed and sized to fit efficiently into just about any dining room. Since they’re designed to your specifications, floating shelves are one of the most flexible options available to you.

Put an adjustable standing desk in your home office

Although business professionals have been doing it for many years, a greater focus has recently been put on the fact that sitting all day is not healthy. Some experts say the effects of sitting at a desk all day are comparable to the effects of smoking. You can avoid the health risks by getting an adjustable desk. This will allow you to switch between sitting and standing positions at will, and keep your metabolism at a healthy rate while keeping your blood pressure down.

Keep the above ideas in mind when you’re shopping through the many news tiny homes for sale and imagine the possibilities of what you can do when you find the right home for you!

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