Hookah steam stones loaded with carcinogens


Hookah, shisha, or smoking the nargila is a staple of any Middle Eastern experience. But more and more research suggests that this form of smoking is more damaging than regular cigarette smoking. Send this one to all your pipe smoking friends.

Hookah pipes don’t use filters so you are potentially inhaling a lot more particulate matter than when you smoke filtered cigarettes. New research suggests that when you smoke hookah with steam stones, the consequences can be even more disasterous.

Researchers from the University of Cincinnati found that smoking a hookah loaded up with the stones actually delivers an extra cloud of toxic metal residues — including the chemicals of chromium, arsenic and cadmium — all released from the charcoal used to keep the hookah pipe burning.

We hate to say it but time to go back to smoking old smelly cigars?

Via: StogieBoys.com

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One thought on “Hookah steam stones loaded with carcinogens”

  1. Michael J Lehner says:

    Twenty five years without a puff, not counting Colorado vacations, and the idea of smoking a good cigar still sounds so good!

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