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The water bong is easily associated with a stereotype of “lazy pothead” but it’s actually an important low-tech tool for administering cannabis as medicine to the elderly. It’s clean, simple and easy to dose quickly and precisely, unlike ingesting which has slow release and sometimes overly powerful effects.

Marijuana has become one of the most popular recreational activities for adults. Even growing in popularity for use as a holistic medicinal alternative to pharmaceutical medicines. You can find people from ages 21 to the elderly enjoying the therapeutic benefits of cannabis all over the globe where it’s legal from Canada to Israel.

The history and use of bongs, while often associated with “potheads” who smoke and sit on the couch and eat munchies have been interwoven throughout human history. More than a decade ago when cannabis use was acceptable for the elderly for instance, there were few ways to dose and deliver the medicine quickly. For most people over 60 who haven’t smoked even a cigarette, accepting cannabis smoke by bong was the cleanest and easiest way. Over in Israel when I was visiting I met a woman who taught the elderly, with aches and pains, how to smoke using a water pipe, also known as a bong.

The oldest intact water pipes and bongs found are dated back to 400 B.C. And you can easily find them in the Middle East where they are used to smoke aromatic fruit tobacco. The first ones were constructed out of solid gold and used by the Scythians. Two have been found with the residue of cannabis still inside. Today, they are housed in a museum in Russia. 

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CBD can help you sleep, say some

These tools gave insight into the history behind cannabis use, also mentioned in the Bible. The word “bong” has been linked to the Thai language. It stems from the word baung, which is a cylindrical tube, pipe, or container that is cut from bamboo. This has also been used for smoking.

Things to Know When Purchasing a Water Bong

There are health benefits from smoking through a water bong compared to smoking from blunts, joints, or various metal objects such as pipes. The water in the bong, which must be cleaned frequently acts as a filtration system. As the herb is burned, suction is applied via inhalation from the mouthpiece of the bong. The smoke is then pulled into the base of the water pipe, where water purifies and cools the cannabis vapors.

Be sure to check reviews on different products to see what other customers are saying. Are people raving over this product always helps to know if something was built to last. Or maybe it is a custom one-of-a-kind piece that needs to be handled with care. Some glass blowers make customized pipes with colors you like and the size you need. How much something costs and if it is in an affordable price range is always good to know. 

Looking at various websites and seeing how they handle customer interactions is a must. If something arrives broken, will they allow it to be returned? Who can be contacted if a piece chips or breaks? Is something replaceable if something happens to it? All of these questions can generally be found on a businesses FAQ or Terms page. 

The Benefits of Using a Water Bong

The ease of use with water bongs is an excellent benefit of using this device for smoking marijuana. There is no mystery behind the flow and quickness involved in a bong. Simple glass bongs consist only of 3 parts with no technology or “app” involved, unlike the fancy vaporizer pens.

  • The main body. This is where water will be filled into the base part of the bong. Sometimes ice cubes are also added for extra cooling effects. The mouthpiece is part of the long main tube leading away from the base.
  • The downstem. Stems come in various sizes such as 10mm or 14mm. They also come in male and female; fixed and removable. When purchasing a water bong this will be something to look at. Also you will need to learn how to clean it and put it back together. But again, you won’t need to use any technology.
  • The bowl. This will be where marijuana or CBD flowers will be added. There are a variety of different types of bowls that are artistic and functional. So even if a water pipe is made of simple and clear glass a touch of fun can be added in with a playful bowl.

Simple water bongs made of glass are also some of the easiest pieces to clean! Handwashing with the assistance of simple tube cleaners can make any bong as bright as new.

Types of Water Bongs

In the markets today, there are a variety of different types of bongs that are made from various materials. All have their benefits and features. This is great news as it gives more variety regarding budget and consumer tastes. 

The different types of bongs:

  • Glass bongs – the standard practice of using bongs come from glass. These types offer the purest taste and come in a variety of prices, shapes, and sizes. However, most glass pieces can break easily, especially if dropped on a hard surface. But in terms of sterility, glass is second to none and that’s why glass is used in hospitals and laboratories. 
  • Silicone bongs – are the easiest to clean, oftentimes being able to be put in the dishwasher. Positively unbreakable with the ability to handle high temperatures. Perfect for everyone.
  • Ceramic bongs – ceramics are nice when searching for artistic flair to add to the smoking experience. These types of bongs are easily breakable, just like glass. They are less sterile as time moves on as water can enter the pores and cracks. 
  • Acrylic bongs – are generally the cheapest type of bong. These pieces are crafted from acrylic plastic and get very hot which might not be healthy for you. Plastic and heat can be toxic. Even though these types are essentially impossible to break they do affect the taste and experience of smoking. 
  • DIY bongs – this type of bong is mostly used when there is no other option. Oftentimes fashioned from plastic or glass bottles with the help of pots and pans. 
  • Gravity bongs – These used to be DIY bongs, but now there are great gravity bongs for sale online.

There are also many additions to bongs. Including aesthetic features involving intricate designs by glass artisans too. Other additions that are crafted into the design of some bongs include; built-in ice cube catchers, recycle chambers, and percolators. Go ahead, be creative!

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