Watch 20 strangers kiss for the first time [video]

strangers-kiss-first-time This video gives you an amazing fly-on-the-wall experience when 20 people, complete strangers, kiss for the first time. Their reactions are priceless.

Social issues and Middle East sensibilities are important when understanding the fragile ecosystems in the region.

Social issues like transgenderism in sports, gay rights in countries like Kuwait. Or the right for women to drive in Saudi Arabia; men to hug freely in the Middle East all impact human rights, and inevitably our relationship to our societal and external ecosystems.

Intimacy and seeing it in the face as this video shows can be difficult, exciting and surprising.

Of course the videographer making this video obviously paired people she thought might have some attraction to each other. We couldn’t imagine a lot of people kissing each other in the Middle East.


And that’s probably a good thing. Would you kiss a stranger?

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