Say hello to healthier fast food delivery in the Middle East?

hellofood lebanon delivery
We love grandmothers and we love what they do, especially when they know how to cook well using traditional recipes. While we like to support the food and lifestyle of yore, we do not think that not everything fast is bad for you. Especially in Saudi Arabia where people like to show off in restaurants by severely over-ordering to impress their friends.

Where I live in the Middle East, delivery options are poor and non-existent. Even when I want to order a good salad. Sometimes I just don’t have the energy to cook, but little shops don’t dare enter my neighborhood, known in the past to be violent. Or the restaurants are just to small to bother with delivery service.

I end up resorting to eating worse junk from the corner store when I am Jonesing for a snack. What’s a girl used to delivery-style service from the west to do? Enter: Hellofood.

Whether it’s American-style pizza, a health sandwich from a local favorite in Beirut or a local shwarma, Hellofood has it in the bag in new locations in the Middle East.

Hellofood has just opened locations in Lebanon (which seems to have the healthiest food options on its plate); Saudi Arabia and Jordan. Egypt is already good with delivery, and delivering anything so it will probably be harder to break into that market.

The food delivery service now makes it easier to eat out. What you choose to eat, is up to you: You can go for tacos, Chinese or a healthy Lebanese sandwich in Beirut without having to get into your gold-plated Mercedes and burn up a lot of gas miles getting there. Be careful Saudis, eating out may be dangerous for your waistline.

Hellofood typically delivers by low-energy scooters. Maybe they can go one step further and use the new bike courier service started in Beirut. Something to think about.

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