Menasol Dubai answers key financing questions for Middle East CSP solar projects

money and investing in solar energy in Dubai

Key investors in renewable energy for the Middle East and North Africa regions will be on hand to discuss the criteria for securing project financing. They will present the case studies of the Shams 1, a 100MW plant in Abu Dhabi and the Noor 1, a 160MW (being constructed in Morocco). Meet the World Bank and more at the Menasol conference this May 6 to 7 in Abu Dhabi.

Understanding the details of how to secure project finance in the MENA markets will be crucial for developers in the emerging markets in MENA.

In Saudi Arabia, Morocco and the United Arab Emirates, where the most potential for CSP is evident, there are regulations and requirements that need to be fulfilled.

Some of the key factors to be considered are acquiring land permits, fulfilling local content requirements and the technical considerations such as having a proven track record of technology and selected equipment providers, according to the event organizers.

Who will be there to help guide the way?

Barbara Riccardi, Director of Global Infrastructure and Finance, Natixis Bank, a french corporate and investment bank, and Ulrich Schoppmeyer, Director Power, Renewables, Water, KfW Ipex, from a German banking group, will be evaluating these considerations and will be giving their first hand insight on granting the investment on the Shams 1 CSP plant in Abu Dhabi.

Understanding the difference between financing projects in the Middle East and financing projects in North Africa will be crucial for developers to know where to establish their future investments.

Jonathan Walters, Director, Regional Programs and Partnerships, The World Bank, will be giving his first-hand insight into the investments granted for the Noor 1 CSP project currently under construction in Ourzazate, Morocco.

Visitors to Menasol will also get the chance to see Shams 1 in person: Shams 1 is the Middle East’s largest and only operational CSP power plant and one of the largest in the world. With a power output of 100MW, Shams 1 solar field extends to over 600,000 m2 and it has over 250,000 mirrors.

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