Welcome 2013 at Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week

Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week

Kick off the new year with Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week to be held January 13 through 17.

The world’s leading symposium committed to promoting the advancement of alternative energy and efficient, clean technologies, Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week 2013 is expected to attract 30,000 participants from over 150 countries.

Hosted by Masdar, Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week provides a global platform for international dialogue and cooperation.  It’s a chance for energy and environmental world leaders to engage and debate: driving innovation, policy change and investment.

Picture a string of excellent TedTalks spread over three days. Imagine a music festival where the featured acts are world leaders, policy and decision makers, experts, scientists, business leaders, innovators and academics. Think of Davos or the Aspen Institute: this is a green conference on steroids that panelists and audiences will convene to:

  • Accelerate global adoption of renewable energy
  • Address water challenges in arid regions
  • Elevate global water – energy nexus topics
  • Encourage dialogue between broad stakeholders to strengthen strategic partnerships
  • Stimulate investment in water, energy and environment projects
  • Empower young generations and entrepreneurs

ADSW encompasses the World Future Energy Summit, the International Water Summit and the Abu Dhabi International Renewable Energy Conference, but it holds a singular aim to ensure “the prosperity and welfare of mankind for a common sustainable future.”


Green Prophet’s been broadcasting Abu Dhabi’s environmental initiatives bespoke to Middle East applications. Their leadership is made more powerful by the “open source” aspect of their successes: the emirate has a voracious appetite for idea-sharing. Leading events such as ADSW underscores their role as catalyst for wider world cooperation on the environment.

The world is changing fast. As populations grow and economies globalize, we increasingly require new insights, fresh ideas and inspiring thoughts that defy convention and instigate innovation.  ADSW is an incubator that invites this to happen, in one place and at one time.

Attendance isn’t cheap: a 3-day pass to the conference starts at about $2,700.  Entrance to the associated exhibition hall is free, but also requires online registration. Download the event brochure here, and consult the website for registration details.

Got deep pockets?  Or a generous employer? Get yourself to Abu Dhabi and update yourself with the state of the art, see innovation in process, and truly challenge your way of thinking.

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