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It’s summer’s final lap. The Olympics are over.  The school year looms.  So put down that beach book and take an end of season vacation to explore space, both inside your head and out of this universe. Do it now. You don’t have to move a muscle. This five minute clip’s been flying around the internet, a sampler of ideologies from astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, comedians George Carlin and Jim Carrey, neuroanatomist Jill BolteTaylor, and the late Carl Sagan. Not a preacher in the lot, and a few self-proclaimed agnostics, but they sure can spread a message to make an environmentalist shout Amen!


The Bolte Taylor clip comes from a stunning 2008 presentation, where the brain researcher described her analysis of her own stroke as it occurred: witnessing shut-down of her motor functions, speech and self-awareness.  It’s a classic TedTalk with over 2 million views.  Pressed for time?  Check in at the 6:40 minute mark and ride her astonishing experience to the end. It’s far from squeamish: an emotional recount of the overwhelming oneness of everything. (But do come back and hear her intro – she explains brain architecture in the most catchable way.)


Sorting through a stack of DVDs, I came across What The Bleep Do We Know, the 2004 indie film that posits a spiritual connection between consciousness and quantum physics.  This sleeper hit explored the idea that individual and group consciousness can influence the material world. (Can you hear the Dali Lama yawn?)

Isn’t this at the heart of sustainability?  Improve the world by concientious living. 


I must’ve watched it five times in as many years, each time I catch something new to chew on.


Middle East, the Americas, Asia, Africa: nothing happens in isolation.  We’re interlinked and co-dependent.

Blame it on a bone-melting massage I had this morning, but an interlude of peace, connectivity and provocative thinking seems a great sequeway to a new season.  Bring on September.

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