Barefoot Bloggers Help You Write to Save the Planet

barefoot bloggers ebook write environment planetFour years ago when I started Green Prophet I wanted a space to share the good green news from the Middle East – news that usually gets lost in conflict or context. Today our news team have inspired change makers to connect with each other to start new green initiatives. We have covered everything sustainable from clean tech news deals to controversy over oil shale; news from the non-profits to those who stand to profit most from environmental exploitation.

We’ve interviewed heads of top renewable energy initiatives like Desertec and have been to Abu Dhabi classrooms teaching 10-year-olds pupils about sustainable fish.

Many readers write us asking: how do you do it? Especially those who want to start their own green blogs. Green Prophet’s new eBook, Barefoot Bloggers offers a blueprint for everyone from sustainability experts to clean tech writers, to communications teams for non-profits, on how to start up a blog – and how to make it a success.

The Barefoot Bloggers guide covers all the bases one needs to know, strengthened by guest contributions from some of the world’s best green blogs like TreeHugger, and Greentech Media. Want to know all our secrets and then some?

For a limited time our new book is discounted 50% to to newsletter subscribers if you register for our weekly newsletter. When you sign up here, you’ll get a discount coupon code which can be used at the checkout: Buy Barefoot Bloggers here.  I stand behind this book. If it doesn’t work for you we will refund your money within one month of purchase.

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