International Call for Papers: Ecosexuality Anthology

ecology sex, sexualityHave something to say about the sensual side of green? A new magazine is looking for submissions.

As a philosophy, ecosexuality is quite new even to many environmentalists who are keen on greening their personal lives yet are unaware of this socially transformative movement.  From using eco-friendly lubrication to maintaining healthy reproductive and sexual well-being, to adopting the ideals of ecology in one’s primary relationship, ecosex is many things to many observers and mavericks, including myself, who support the idea of sustainable love that is good for people and the planet. Now those who imagine a greener way to love, including lovers in the Middle East, can lend their voice to the symphony and help create as well as advance the idea of what it means to go “green between the sheets.”

Green Prophet is the sole English-language voice in the Middle East that offers a platform for discussing the tenets of ecosexuality, and we’ve expressed the regional importance of the relationship between ecosex and global peace.  Other venues are also advancing the vision of more earth friendly relations between partners and lovers. Specifically, ecosex advocates are collaborating to create an anthology of essays and other creative contributions to highlight eco-sexual practices and their importance to the environmental movement.

From the call for submissions:

Ecosexuality has emerged as a socially transformative movement where the energies of activism, art, theory, and practice coalesce…Ecosex activism brings more fun, passion, hope and diversity to the environmental and holistic health movements.  It generates global awareness of love as the ecology of life on planet Earth…Ecosexuality revisits every aspect of life as an opportunity for the intellectual, spiritual, political and artistic expression of ecosexual love…

Contributions will be accepted in various forms, including academic studies, philosophical, theoretical, and critical articles, reports from the field, testimonial narratives, interviews, poems, performance pieces, artists’ pages or other visual representations, reports from events, courses, and other transformative experiences.

Submissions and inquiries, due March 1, 2012, should be sent to [email protected] or [email protected].

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