Green Gas Station Meets Stringent New Dubai Building Code

green gas station dubaiIt’s still just where the oil fix is dispensed. But greener.

Dubai’s first green gas station, that we covered here in January is not a glamorous architectural extravaganza, but it is one of the first new buildings in Dubai to meet its new zero energy building codes.

The many sustainable features of the new Enoc/EPPCO gas station in the Emirates Hill neighborhood in Dubai make filling up, if not green, then as green as filling up on the filthy stuff can be.

Fully half the electricity used by the new Emirates Hill gas station comes from solar. Dubai’s new building code ultimately makes solar mandatory. This newly built service station is thus one of the first to be built to the new code.

To further reduce energy use, the lighting is all LEDs – that use only 10% of the energy of traditional lighting and last 12 years.

Water consumption has been cut by a quarter. Car wash water is recycled and there is a waterless car wash option.Toilets are all water misers, with two stage flush.

Petrol fumes are contained at the pump instead of permeating the air. Used lubricants and oil will be collected and disposed. (Isn’t that the law already in Dubai? It is mandatory even here in the post-Reagan US, and as our own Taffline points out, of course, in Europe.)

Waste is sorted into a garbage segregation system using colour-coded bins to make recycling easy. The furniture is made of recycled materials.

You might suppose that a green gas station wouldn’t sell gas. It could be a solar-powered charging station for EVs, like the Better Place model.

Of course, it is a hopeless case for a gas station to be green. It is almost like the neighborhood crack dealer proclaiming that he doesn’t want children getting hooked on crack.

But historically, oil is the business of the Emirates. So it is appropriate that one of the first buildings to meet Dubai’s new zero energy building codes is no architectural extravaganza, but just the lowly suburban gas dispenser.

Image: Construction News

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