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dubai-goumbook-foundersThese are the savvy ladies behind Dubai-based Goumbook, an online directory of all-things eco.

This morning I was doing my usual rounds on the internet, read a few inspirational poems, caught up on the day’s big news: wikileaks, Cancun, and Goumbook – apparently the first online directory of all things eco in the Middle East. I almost choked on my coffee.

Green Prophet has been the go-to source of “green” information throughout the Middle East for several years, while Goumbook only showed up towards the end of 2009. But that’s ok. We forgive them this small transgression because they do have an awesome directory of green businesses, events, and other useful eco-tips. Step on in to learn more about the ladies from Dubai who make it happen.

The website is called Goumbook, and though I can’t tell you what that means, it does spell out a growing directory with oodles of potential. Already, since November last year, they have accumulated listings from 700 green businesses throughout the Middle East.

These listings are organized in an exhaustive breakdown of categories, including such offerings as Noise Protection, Waste Management, Lifestyle, Clean Transport, and Awareness, Institutions, and Organizations. The site also provides a handy dropdown of upcoming “green” events and links to relevant news stories.

For those die hard eco-warriors who are distraught by the seeming lack of environmentally friendly options in the Middle East, Goumbook’s green map provides an easy look at various eco-services provided throughout Dubai.

Tatiana Antonelli Abella and Randala Jishi Anabtawi were similarly frustrated by the lack of organic options a couple of years ago, but rather than slink back into the shadows of the status quo, they stood up and did something about it, according to The National.

What began as a small database of green businesses funded out of pocket has evolved into the little engine that could, with an impressive following – pointing, they say, to the obvious demand for such a service.

With a “flood” of visitors and helpful sponsorships, the Dubai-based pair are basking in success while continuing to look forward. Their next goal is to create a collection of books for children, which, as we recently discovered, are an excellent catalyst for a child’s eco-imagination.

So, if you want to know where to buy those eco-candles and beauty products, or if you’re interested in learning where to finally recycle those plastic bottles you’re been collecting, chances are Goumbook has got your green back.

:: image and story via The National

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