Bicycle Manufacturers Adjust to a Larger and Heavier Client Base with Super Sized Cycles

plus-size-bikesEveryone should be able to engage in eco-friendly forms of transportation, like cycling, and now with super-sized bikes they can.

Cycling has been gaining popularity in Israel and other areas of the Middle East over recent years, which is great for the environment, great for reducing vehicle congestion in cities, frugal, and healthy.  But unfortunately, this trend is accompanied by another societal change – an increase in child and adult obesity. And therein lies the rub. Because since overweight people could, arguably, benefit the most from healthy forms of exercise such as cycling, they often have a hard time finding bikes that can comfortably support them.

But companies have started to take notice of this problem; one company tackling the issue is US-based Super Sized Cycles. Founded by an overweight cycler who was sick of not finding bikes that were suited for her, Super Sized Cycles offers bikes made for people who weigh over 200 pounds (approximately 90 kilos) and up to 550 pounds (250 kilos).


stronger-zize-bikesSuper Sized Cycles sells a variety of products, including bicycles, electric bikes, tricycles, and bike accessories.

The Zize Bikes are tailored to overweight riders because they are equipped with:

  • Steel frames
  • Stronger rims and spokes
  • Wider tires
  • Wide metal pedals
  • Bigger, more comfortable seat

The creation of bicycles tailored to overweight cyclers not only contributes to the availability of a healthy form of exercise, but it makes eco-friendly transportation available to a larger demographic.  We hope to see these bikes available in the Middle East as well.

Image via: Jake Folsom

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