Taking Israel's Lead, Solar Water Heater Use on Rise in Egypt

solar hot water heaterA solar hot water heater is a cheap way to collect endless hot water, from the sun. What are you waiting for? Image via Beluga.

They are relatively cheap units to install and can provide almost endless supplies of free hot water. Like Israel discovered decades ago, people in Cairo are now onto using energy from the sun to heat water, Bikya Masr reports. Why now? As electricity has become an extra financial burden for many Egyptian famileis, they are looking for ways to cut their electric bills. A good portion of the bill is spent on heating and water.  Solar water heaters are a somewhat obvious solution but up until the last few years have often been underutilized as a technology that can be implemented to make both fiscal and environmental sense.

Each solar water heater has the capacity to heat up to 150 liters of water, per day. According to the United Nations Development Programme, installing solar water heaters can significantly reduce agricultural waste since smoke produced through heating the water be decreased significantly (Egyptians tend to use a polluting unrefined oil for fuelling their homes). Household appliances used for heating water are also notorious for their green house gas emissions as they typically use oil or gas, but soon all of that will be replaced by the 150-liter solar water heater.

Solar water heaters are actually quite simple, take a look here to see how they work on Wikipedia.

When it comes to installing a solar water heating system in your house, there are a number of choices based on the daily and seasonal changes in the exterior temperature as well as the temperature of the water that will be heated. This is why it may be best to just turn to the experts:

1. Sun Misr
Address: Obour city, Cairo, Egypt 11282
Tel : (202) 0108508504
Website: www.sunmisr.com

2. Olympic Group
Adress: Ramsis Street Extension, Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt.
Tel : (202) 24880880
[email protected]
Website: www.olympicgroup.com

3. Solaris
Address: 15 Naplos street, Mohandesseen, Giza, Mohandesseen, Giza Egypt 12411
Telephone: (202) 33033009
Website: www.solaris-eg.com

These are some of the main suppliers in Egypt. They provide average Egyptians with the solar water heaters that can carry up to 300 liters of water, so don’t forget to contact one of these leading firms near you! The only thing that we’ll worry about now, is extra you taking extra long showers.

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