Join the Betacup Competition. Win $10,000 for Sustainable Coffee Cup Design

Betacup competition urges global participants to find a sustainable alternative to the wasteful, ubiquitous coffee cup. [image via: JcOlivera]

Even environmentalists with the best of intentions might struggle with always remembering to bring their reusable coffee cup from home.  You know how it is – you leave home in a hurry in the morning, really need that cup of coffee from your favorite local spot to jolt you out of your morning stupor, and just as you’re about to order that double espresso americano (or whatever it is that gets you through the day) you remember that your reusable coffee cup is sitting on the kitchen counter.  And then you have to make that decision: do I save my energy level for the day, or do I save the planet by using one less disposable coffee cup?

The Betacup competition hopes to generate sustainable coffee cup ideas so that you never have to make that decision ever again.


The Betacup competition is attempting to reduce the waste generated by 58 billion unrecycled paper cups each year, and encourage some creative design in the process.  Participants can be active in one of two ways: either by submitting ideas for the convenient sustainable coffee cup or by rating other ideas.

The cup designs should consider: waste reduction, resources required, new or existing capabilities, and the whole coffee drinking experience.

The top coffee cup idea (to be decided by a jury) will be awarded $10,000 and an additional $10,000 will be divided by the top 5 ideas as selected by community ratings.

Have a sip-tastic idea?  Visit the Betacup’s website for more details – the competition is open until June 15th.

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