Tasty Water

Are you sick of that sick taste from water bottles? It’s great to refill your bottles again and again, but they end up tasting bad. For water storage it is better to use glass bottles rather than plastic bottles. They can be used repeatedly without the aftertaste caused when repeatedly using plastic bottles. Just be careful not to drop your bag too hard… You might crush your bottle.

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5 thoughts on “Tasty Water”

  1. Greg says:

    Yeah it’s definitely a great idea to switch from the plastic disposable bottles over the stainless steel. Sigg isn’t even any good, way too expensive, not even to mention the shadiness of their BPA scandal.

    And I agree with Julia, Klean Kanteen is definitely a solid option in this decision. Good company, been around for a while.

    A pretty interesting company that has just recently come into play, however, is WeDrink. They have the same stainless steel bottles we all love, but they also make heavy per-bottle donations to water relief charities. Reminded me a lot of TOMS shoes, but for water.

    their website is http://www.charitybottle.com

    let me know what you all think

  2. German tests report that there are no traces of aluminum in the water held by the bottles due to the thin liner they use inside the bottle to protect the water from the aluminum as well as bacterial growth. You can read more about the liner and the aluminum here:

  3. thanks for these great tips!

  4. Julia says:

    It’s not just the bad taste from refilling water bottles, but also increases the chance of bacteria. Plus if you are using the hard plastic sports water bottles (like Nalgene, baby bottles, sippy cups, refillable water delivery jugs etc.) then the nasty hormone distrupting Bisphenol A is being leached into the water. Mmmm.
    Sigg bottles are aluminum. Not so great in my humble opinion.
    Now there are stainless steel water bottles. Haven’t yet seen them in Israel. Kleen Kanteen makes them with all sorts of great options like sports bottle tops, sippy cups and in some pretty nifty colours.

  5. You might also want to check out the oh-so-amazing Sigg bottles. The online in-Israel gluten free store that I shop from just started carrying them: http://www.glutenfree.co.il/index.php?main=more_info&site_id=&product=1804&lang=en&sesid=de72f35ba5987ee7102477695b0d76d1&catID=404

    I bought mine back in the states and carry it everywhere-love it! These can be dropped, unlike glass.

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