Life Goggles to Win Eco-Gadgets and Green Stuff Galore!

While we at Green Prophet wouldn’t encourage anyone to clutter their lives with tons of stuff, there are some wonderful green gadgets on the marketplace now – the Solio mobile phone charger for instance, uses all this wonderful ‘shemesh’ we have instead of electricity … and Israel is at the forefront of this research and development.

So, while we respectfully and dutifully support recycling and re-using (see recent posts on recycling and re-using stuff here and baby toys and clothes in particular here), and I’m spending more and more hours each day trying to reduce our household waste by composting mounds of cardboard –– also take a look Life Goggles, which is a US-based great green review site, with organic products, lifestyle book reviews, great planet-friendly gadgets, tips, the odd green gag and short films, and lots more besides.

This month, they have a competition to win some of this wonderful stuff, too. You sign up to register, noting that only some of the goodies can get sent internationally, and get their weekly reviews and round-ups dropping into your inbox “like manna from heaven.”

And don’t forget, if you’re in a competitive mood, we humble hosts here at GP still have a solitary copy of ‘Green Chic’ by Christie Matheson to give away to the next local greenie who answers all the questions here.

It must be post-Pesach madness.

The Life Goggles Great Green Giveaway Competition is here.

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2 thoughts on “Life Goggles to Win Eco-Gadgets and Green Stuff Galore!”

  1. Free Gadgets says:

    great competition. We should be doing all we can for the planet

  2. Joel says:

    Thanks for the mention, and good luck in the competition!

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