“Survivor”: An Ecological Hazard?


It’s hardly surprising that “Survivor” is a hit: who doesn’t come home from work and immediately hunger to watch white trash in bikini tops hurling bleeped insults at each other over a picturesque campfire? Is it just us?

Anyway, it turns out that “Survivor” is not just the last refuge of the dregs of every culture; it is also an ecological hazard. And now the Israeli “Survivor” is taking heat for filming in a Dominican Republic nature reserve.

So not so shockingly, it turns out that bringing a film crew of hundreds to a nature reserve disturbs the fauna (who flee) and inevitably there is litter from both cast and crew (Maybelline cosmetics, anyone?). The caves which shelter the scheming contestants sometimes contain primitive cave drawings which are endangered by the wires and cables that are nailed to the walls.

However, in light of recent anti-Israel comments on the Haaretz article (one memorably suggesting that the show move to Gaza–“See how they survive then,” says this humanitarian soul), we think it’s relevant to note that this complaint applies across the board to “Survivor” shows worldwide, not just the Israeli version (complaints were made as early as 2003 by a Latin American animal rights group on the ravages of a Spanish “Survivor” filming).

While “responsible” and “TV network” look strange in the same sentence, we do think that TV networks around the world should be ecologically responsible in the making of this show, if they make it at all. But this is not a “Jewish problem,” folks, so please leave your personal biases at the door if you actually care about the environment.

Source: Haaretz

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  1. Ilana says:

    I think the worship has more to do with his cheekbones…

  2. Karin says:

    Leonardo Dicaprio’s crew from “The Beach” suffered serious criticism after they mowed down parts of a pristeen beach in Thailand. People worship him now for his new film the 11th hour…

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