Americans and Israelis Headed for Widespread Obesity

They exist here in Israel too! Too much pizza and cheeseburgers, and not enough exercise and whole food diets. One of America’s most popular internet health news websites, Natural News, is telling its readers that Americans are on their way to becoming a nation of overweight and obese people and that three fourths of all Americans […]


Oregon’s Governor Looks for Clean Tech Opportunities in Israel

Oregon’s Governor Ted Kulongoski (left) will be “fishing” for clean tech and high-tech opportunities in Israel later this month. Oregon’s Governor Ted Kulongoski, a Democrat, will be coming to Israel for an 8-day trade mission later this month. Like other American politicians, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger included, Kulongoski is looking to meet with Israeli clean tech companies, high-tech cos, […]


Going Green Is A Tactical Offensive In War

The US Army in Afghanistan recognizes that going green solves fuel supply problems for troops. Logistical supply line problems in military forces have been the downfall of armies since organized warfare began. The US Army goes green as a tactical move: Recent attacks against US military and NATO fuel convoys in Afghanistan have resulted in US […]


Tafline Laylin: From Tour Guide To Green Prophet

Loving wild places gives us the impetus to protect them Before I started writing about green building and eco-tourism in Israel and the Middle East, I was a tour guide in North America.  For three years I taught foreigners about camping, ecology, geography, and history in National Parks throughout the lower 48, Alaska, and Canada.  […]


Lots of ‘Ifs’ – But Afghan Mineral Reserves Offer Hope for the War-torn Country (and for the Electric Car Industry)

Afghanistan’s desolate Ghazni Province may hold the world’s largest deposits of lithium. (Image: Tyler Hicks/The New York Times) Just days after the Afghan War became the longest war in US history – 104 months, surpassing the 103-month American engagement in Vietnam – the New York Times, quoting top US government officials, reported the discovery of […]


C.E.S. Thinks Inside the Box to Save Energy

Israel’s C.E.S. box greens your home power use, telling you where faulty appliances are sucking juice from the grid. Like GreenRoads to save fuel (invested in by Virgin’s Branson, and Gore’s clean tech fund), investors know the money is not just on innovative futuristic technologies, but companies that work today to save fuel, and money. […]


Blame BP for Massive Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill?

This Gulf of Mexico oil spill may make Exxon Valdez seem like child’s play. Image via MNN The massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, is already being referred to by many as “President Obama’s Katrina.” The ongoing spill, a direct result of an explosion on an offshore oil drilling platform has resulted in […]


AIA Names Saudi's KAUST In 2010 Top Green Projects

The king willed it – so it was built…Michael Arndt questions the ‘greenliness’ of KAUST, granted the US Green Building Council’s highest LEED certification possible. The American Institute of Architecture recently hailed The King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) as one of its top ten most environmentally responsible building designs.   This follows other […]