Night Garden in Jerusalem Exhibited the Beauty of Solar Power

Sunshine helps flowers grow and now, thanks to a joint collaboration of the Israel Electric Corporation and O*GE Architects, it makes enormous steel and metal flowers grow, too. In mid June, visitors to Jerusalem could stroll through a solar powered garden of larger-than-life sized flowers.  As described by O*GE Architects, visitors could “immerse themselves in […]


Water Shortage Boosts Israeli Wine Production

Nestled into the Jerusalem Hills, Kibbutz Tzuba has decided to scrap its apple orchards and grow more grapes to save on water during the current crisis. According to the Jerusalem Post, Tzuba once grew kiwis that guzzled an outrageous 1,000 cubic meters of water per dunam (dunam=1/4 acre). Then the farm switched to apples, which […]


Naomi Tsur Is Sustaining Jerusalem From the Inside Out

Naomi Tsur The city of Jerusalem is steeped in history, stretching back to before the Bible’s King David ruled the city. Today it is a major center for the three major monotheistic religions — Judaism, Islam and Christianity, who all hold Jerusalem near and dear. But whether you are on a spiritual quest, pilgrimage, or […]


Siah HaSade: Permaculture initiative greening Jerusalem

Should I stay or should I go? It’s a common question vexing many people living in Jerusalem, a city suffering from negative population migration, particularly young, secular Jews who leave to seek opportunities in Tel Aviv and central Israel. Siah HaSade is a new permaculture centre in the heart of west Jerusalem which seeks to […]


Praying for Rain in Jerusalem

Green Prophet’s Ilana Teitelbaum recently wrote an article about Israel’s water crisis at the Huffington Post. Rainstorms have been raging throughout Israel in the past week, after a warm and bone-dry winter. Winter, which is the only rainy season in the Middle East. There is no such thing as spring or summer rain, and in […]


10 Twitter Tips for Cleantech Companies

Over the past few months companies are joining Twitter or consulting advisors about joining Twitter in droves. If you haven’t heard of Twitter, it is a micro-blogging tool that lets you share publicly what you are doing. It’s similar to the status updates on Facebook and instant messaging, but unlike either, is generally available to […]


Tel Aviv “City Rats” Give New Ideas to Urban Planners

“Rat tracks” made by rats in two city plans: Manhattan-style (left) and New Orleans or Jerusalem-style (right). In both plans rats cover the same distance, but rats in the “Manhattan” grid cover more territory. Rats Say: Manhattan Rules! Before “green” urban planners build that new sub-division, neighborhood, city street, or town, they might want some […]


Upcoming Event: "Greening of Jerusalem" Forum on Emergence of Cleantech Industry

On Thursday, January 15, several organizations are joining together for a forum titled “Greening of Jerusalem.” The event is bringing together local cleantech companies, investors, Jerusalem government officials and the Jerusalem public in a joint effort to make the vision of a cleaner, more sustainable world possible and to make Jerusalem and Israel the center […]


Israeli Tots At 82 Kindergartens To Learn Green ABC's

In a special ceremony, held in Bar-Ilan University earlier this month, some 48 green kindergartens located in the Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, central and southern districts of Israel were certified “green.” An additional 34 kindergartens were certified earlier in the month, on December 3 in Haifa, 8 of which came from the Arab sector, reports the […]


Youth Clean Energy Movement Event in Jerusalem

Dear Green Prophet folks, Hello! My name is Zohar Tobi — I’m an organizer for the US Youth Clean Energy Movement, and I’m writing to invite you to an event I’m facilitating in Jerusalem called the Awakening the Dreamer Symposium. Here are the basic details: WHAT: The Awakening the Dreamer Symposium WHEN: Wednesday, December 24th, […]


Hebrew University Recognized as World Leader in Movement Ecology

The significant role of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in developing the study of movement ecology has achieved international recognition through extensive coverage in the current issue of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, a leading American scientific journal. Movement ecology is a developing academic pursuit, combining expertise in a variety of fields, including […]