TransAlgae Seeds A Need For Green Feed

The algae for biofuel company TransAlgae is developing a new superbreed of algae for biofuels that is more resistant to the pests and the diseases that plague algae producers today. New varieties of wheat, oats and barley are constantly being produced to meet the world’s demands for grains that can grow faster, be hardier and […]


Meet Your Garden's Best Friend, The Earthworm

An ode to the earthworm: An earthworm farmer in Israel praises the beauty of the earthworm. Time to grow your own? The earthworm is one of mankind’s best friends. Hard at work 24/7, this lowly creature makes it possible for human and plant life to exist. Without the earthworm over here in the Middle East, […]


Calling all Young Architects and Grad Students to Join ECOWEEK 2010

Young Israeli and Palestinian Architects Are Invited to Join World Renowned Architects for a Week of Green Building  Lectures,  Site Visits, and Workshops. With cooperation from Friends of the Earth Middle East, Hebron Polytechnic, and the Porter School for Environmental Studies (among many others), the International Non-Profit Organization ECOWEEK has announced that from July 25th […]


Wind Turbines and 10 Israel-related Cleantech Headlines, Week of May 2, 2010

Israel’s wind plan, SolarEdge’s Italian partnership, drip irrigation and more headlines related to Israeli cleantech this past week. During the week of May 2, 2010, SolarEdge announced that it’s expanding its operations to Italy in partnership with Albatech. Discussion of the impact Israeli drip technology can have in ending Africa’s hunger cycles continued and Israel […]


C.E.S. Thinks Inside the Box to Save Energy

Israel’s C.E.S. box greens your home power use, telling you where faulty appliances are sucking juice from the grid. Like GreenRoads to save fuel (invested in by Virgin’s Branson, and Gore’s clean tech fund), investors know the money is not just on innovative futuristic technologies, but companies that work today to save fuel, and money. […]


Geotectura's Visual Feast, Out of the Box

“The Sufi Order International (SOI) community desired to build an interspiritual temple called the ‘Universel’ at the Abode of the Message located in the Berkshire Mountains near New Lebanon, New York,” taken from Geotectura’s online literature. Although we previously covered their  Greenest Building in Israel, which is currently in the process of acquiring LEED certification, as […]


Fishing for Peace in Gaza at TEDx

Students in Tel Aviv propose business “net” – work for peace. Left to right: David Welch, Ohad Kot, Danielle Angel, David McGeady and Osher Perry from Nets of Peace. As one of the largest seafood producers in the Middle East, Israel’s innovative fish-farming industry is booming. Just a few miles downshore in Gaza, though, fishermen […]