Rainless Winter Worsens Middle-East Strife, Garden of Eden Hardest Hit

What’s left of Iraq’s “Garden of Eden” Marshes The Middle Eastern winter has never been more pleasant, bringing us day after day of perfect blue skies, comfortable temperatures, light winds and crisp, clear views.  “What more could you ask for?” must think the residents of Western Europe and North America, who are being pounded by […]

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Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Israel and Jordan Compete For Wonders of the World: Get Your Vote On!


Several Middle Eastern countries are competing to have their natural treasures listed on the new “Seven Wonders of the World” online competition. Some friendly competition for a change? The Lebanese are lobbying that their majestic cave complex will make the list. The Jeita Grotto (pictured above), sits in a river valley near Beirut, and is […]

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