‘Green Porno’ Creator Isabella Rossellini Premiers ‘Seduce Me’ on Sundance Channel


The Sundance Channel is launching a playful and informative new series about a very sexy topic: seduction. Aptly named ‘Seduce Me,’ the series of five two-minute portraits of courtship and mating is directed and written by Isabella Rossellini. In the series, the star and creator explores ‘the unconventional seduction rituals of creatures ranging from bugs […]

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Are You An Eco-Sexual?


Homo. Bi. Hetero. Now a new label for sexual preference that connects to the environment: eco-sexual. Image via gribanov. The Middle East is rife with labels that divide. And now, just when we thought another couldn’t possibly be invented, those who are bringing the green movement into our bedrooms have a new tag for us […]

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Stop Smoking, Stupid!


A new study finds that smokers tend to have lower IQs.  If you live in the Middle East, like I do, you’ll notice one of the most irritating habits you can’t escape is smoking. Cigarettes, pot, hookah pipe. Either you fight it or join them – something I did after being a virgin non-smoker for […]

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Book Review: Strategy for Sustainability by Adam Werbach – A Primer for Third Wing Environmentalism or a Harbinger of the Black Swan?


I find it fitting and perhaps a little ironic that I was asked to write a review about Adam Werbach’s popular book, Strategy for Sustainability, a book addressed to corporations large and small about how they can operate as leaders in sustainability. Perhaps because  my senior thesis as an undergraduate English  major, was entitled “The […]

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Green Prophet Interviews Author and Journalist, Alanna Mitchell


Of the many non-fiction, environmentally-themed books I’ve read over the past few years, those that stand out are Alanna Mitchell’s ‘Dancing at the Dead Sea’ and ‘Seasick‘, both of which I have reviewed for Green Prophet. Mitchell is an acclaimed Canadian writer, skilled in her clear evocation of the destruction of the environment she witnesses […]

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Morocco Developing an Environmental Charter


Morocco, still very undeveloped compared to the west, looks to make an environmental plan of action. Morocco is currently consulting with political and environmental groups and activists over the preliminary draft of the country’s environmental charter, which targets preserving the environment and fostering sustainable development. While the first draft was taking shape, the government in […]

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Israel Can Do More Than Cleantech to Reduce Regional Carbon Footprint


Sign for polluted water at Israel’s beachfront: obvious in any language Although much hype and attention is given to Israel’s contribution in the areas of clean technology, particularly solar energy and other forms of  renewable energy more attention needs to be made on the country’s growing “contribution” to global warming. Despite this small country’s efforts […]

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Lebanon's Lions, Tigers and Bears Take the Heat


Lebanese animal rights’ activists report serious abuse of mistreated circus animals on ring circuit from Egypt, Jordan, Syria to Lebanon. Abuse of circus animals comes to forefront of Lebanese politics: When the Monte Carlo Circus’ lions and tigers arrived in Lebanon two weeks ago they were meant to be welcomed by beaming children, adoring parents […]

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Simple Solar Solutions for Hot Water: Will Jordan Seize the Opportunity?


Blogger Azul looks at the use of solar thermal energy for heating Jordanians’ water. Here’s an example of a solar heater on a roof in Jordan. If you’ve been following Green Prophet, you’ve been enjoying the posts from our Environment Blogging Workshop in Madaba, Jordan. Jordanian blogger “Azul” talks about the simple solar solutions Jordanians […]

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Green Bloggers Conference: Environmental Awareness in Palestine “A Need to Start”


Hiba, Tamam, and Wael (left to right) from the Palestinian Authority express their desires for environmental change at the Environment Blogger’s Workshop in Madaba, Jordan. As we’ve been saying, Green Prophet hosted a Green Blogger’s Conference in Jordan earlier this week. We’ve recapped what we’ve learned from the Jordanian activists. Now Hiba Hamzeh from Volunteering […]

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Environment Journalists, Bloggers and Activists From Israel, Jordan and the PA Unite: Let’s Meet Jordan


Osama, Khaloud, Zein and Sawsan (from left to right) present green projects from Jordan at Green Prophet’s Environment blogging workshop. It was 20 hours we will never forget. Nineteen journalists, activists and bloggers from Jordan, the PA and Israel met at an international blogging workshop in Jordan intending to make better environment bloggers (and friends) […]

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Multifaith Green Writers Unite in Jordan


Israeli, Palestinian, and Jordanians host cross-border workshop on environment blogging in Jordan to spur Middle East change. The UN climate change meeting in Copenhagen is putting a lot of pressure on oil-producing nations in the Middle East; but the reality is that most countries in the region are failing miserably in all areas of environmental […]

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