Desert University Goes Green With Gusto

With a strong environmental flavor to its courses already, it’s no wonder that Ben Gurion University is embracing the Green Campus label with such enthusiasm. It may not be the first, or the only, university campus in Israel to receive the “Green Campus” label from the Ministry of Environmental Protection, (Haifa reduced their energy consumption […]


Green Prophet Flies To “The Saudi Green Blog”

A weekly Green Prophet series that looks at the Arabic “green” blogosphere and online communities. After looking at a personal Iraqi environmental blog, and at “The Forum of the Ornithological Society of Kuwait, we are arriving at the Gulf countries. This time, we are flying to Saudi Arabia and to a blog called “Green Papers”. […]


Israeli Arabs and Jews Throw Out The Garbage Together

A member of the Forum for Environmental Justice looks at environmental hazards in the Galilee region. They meet once a month to venture into the field together, discuss environmental problems and devise ways to cooperate to solve them. Most recently, earlier this month, Israeli Jewish and Arab politicians, community leaders, the public and media toured […]

Is the Middle East taking Climate Change Seriously?

Despite facing issues such as water scarcity and pollution at poisonous levels, the Middle East is still sending mixed message about climate change. Image of Mideast and earth Courtesy of NASA. There is a constant debate in green circles over whether the Middle East is really taking climate change seriously. Some days the Arab world […]


Green Prophet Flies To "The Iraqi Environmental Blog"

Our weekly series looking at the Middle East Arabic blogosphere. This week: Iraq. And a green blog that began after Saddam Hussein’s demise. After looking at Mazen Abboud’s environmental blog from Lebanon and at SAWA for A Better Syrian Society, we are flying this week to Syria’s next-door neighbor, Iraq, and to a blog written […]

Political Geographers Discuss Borders and Conflict

“Borders, Territory and Conflict in a Globalizing World” was the theme at a conference held in Israel.  Experts deliberated on ethnicity, power relations and technology. Dr. Gotlieb emphasizes that such issues  must be linked to the environment. The conference engaged specialists from Europe, the US, India, Canada, Russia, Israel and elsewhere on a variety of […]


Carrots – A Colourful History From Purple to Orange

Originating in ancient Egypt, carrots didn’t start out so orange. Can you imagine how Bugs Bunny would look chomping down on one of these? When you think of carrots what is the first thing that comes to mind? One thing is for sure, you don’t think “Gee, you mean that long purple vegetable.”  Well here’s […]


Saudis Listen to Call for Green Hajj

The Mecca of green? “Green” activism has defined Jewish and Christian culture for decades already. Now, Muslim leaders in Saudi Arabia keen to “green” the annual Hajj pilgrimage. Yussif Osman sits quietly by his desk, a framed piece of cloth behind him next to a picture of his father who died just a few years […]


World Ocean Day – 6 Tips to Clean the Seas

Don’t dump to the sea! The Middle East can learn from America’s mistakes. This sign to protect oysters and fish, Apalachicola, Florida. Two thirds of the world is water – home to mysterious and life-sustaining organisms. The world’s oceans also serve as a carbon sink, helping maintain a balance as humans upset the balance with […]


Shell Abu Dhabi Dons a Green Mask and Sponsors Annual Environmental Competition

Can environmental awareness campaigns sponsored by major corporate polluters still get the right message across? [image via: alyssakai] Eighty-eight students from 20 different governmental and private schools in Abu Dhabi were honored as winners of the country’s ninth Annual Environmental Competition last week.  The competition, which was organized by the Abu Dhabi Education Council and […]


Have You Ever Met a Green Sheikh?

Green Prophet interviews the Green Sheikh, from the United Arab Emirates. He’s looking to change the “green” perceptions and reality of the Middle East. The environment movement is no stranger to royalty: Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales has made his commitment to supporting the green movement, and over in Jordan, Prince Hassan has told […]