Floating With Spencer Tunick to Save the Dead Sea

A personal account of celebrating the Naked Sea event anniversary last Thursday night. In September of last year year Spencer Tunick came down to the Dead Sea and brought along with him throngs of reporters, environmentalists and 1500 people loaded on buses from around Israel who bared all in the hot sun in the name of […]


Spencer Tunick Will Float Clothed at the Dead Sea

He asks hundreds of thousands of people around the world to strip for his cause, but when naked activist photographer Spencer Tunick returns to Israel to help “save the Dead Sea” he’ll be floating clothed. The award-winning photographer from the US travels the world, and asks volunteers to strip as naked subjects in his art […]


Spencer Tunick Plans Naked Dead Sea Shoot Anniversary Float

Spencer Tunick will return to Israel this September to celebrate the anniversary of last year’s wildly controversial Dead Sea naked photo shoot. Designed to draw attention to the plight of the hyper-saline (and dangerously endangered) lake shared by Israel, Jordan and the Palestinian Territories, the art campaign was enormously successful even though it drew widespread […]


Wild ways to travel the Middle East

You can visit travel websites for all-inclusive holidays where you can find week-long or two-week sun holidays in Sharm, Sinai; You can also find loads of ways to  hang out in Agadir, Morocco at exclusive resorts; but not every all-inclusive option can give you the right eco spirit you are aiming for. Normally planning an eco […]


Carmen’s Opera at Masada Leaves No Trace

Israeli Opera Festival 2012 will feature five performances of the classic opera, Carmen, June 7 to 11 at Masada. According to the Israeli Opera’s Artistic Director, Michael Ajzenstadt, 50,000 people from across Israel and all over the world are coming to experience opera at the lowest point on earth, beneath the mountain of Masada and […]


Spencer Tunick Photos of Naked Israelis are Worth $2,000!

Spencer Tunick is one of the world’s most celebrated and controversial photographers with no fewer than 75 large-scale nude photo shoots under his proverbial belt. The New York-based artist has amassed thousands of volunteers to pose nude in dozens of symbolic locations across the planet, from Brazil to Ireland and most recently in Israel. To […]


Naked Dead Sea bathing at Qedem hot springs

If you missed your chance to get naked at the Dead Sea with 1000 other people and the US photographer Spencer Tunick, don't fear: Green Prophet spotters have found a year-long naked-friendly hot springs bathing hole a few kilometers south of where the Dead Sea scrolls were located at Qumran.

Dead Sea Almost Died Eons Ago

New drilling results from the Dead Sea provides clues that the Dead Sea almost dried up because of climate change — 125,000 years ago! The rapidly dropping water level of the Dead Sea, a cause of much concern today, occurred as well in the distant past, resulting in the severe drying up of the lake, […]

Water Pollution in Israel Threatens People, Animals, Plants

Lead and other pollutants are seeping into Israeli drinking water at alarming levels. Lutra numbers decimated; human health at risk. Water pollution in Israeli lakes, streams and groundwater aquifers is reaching alarming levels. Although the country has regulations in place to prevent discharges, including a comprehensive Water Law, contamination is commonplace. And now scientists are […]

Spencer Tunick Mad Over Naked Dead Sea Photo Leak

Leaked pictures from the Dead Sea naked shoot reveal identifiable information of the naked models. When more than a thousand people signed up for the Naked Sea project, US installation artist Spencer Tunick took great care to ensure that the privacy of the naked models would be kept, um, private. Green Prophet’s Alex was part […]

A Funeral for the Dead Sea in Jerusalem Today

We’ve seen naked people bare all for the Dead Sea, and a pledge by the Israel Chemicals Corp to pay billions in damage to save the hotels there. But this is not enough: The Dead Sea is dying and governments aren’t doing anything to protect it for future generations. In response, today November 21, Friends […]


Sunday Snippets: Green News From the Middle East

Had a busy week? Well, why not stop and sample the delights of Sunday’s news nuggets It’s been a busy week here at Green Prophet headquarters and we’ve all been hard at work highlighting the green and not-so-green news of the Middle East. Personally, finding out that Mekkah wouldn’t be replicating the mistake of building […]

Naked Israelis on Everyone’s Minds

Naked Israelis to the rescue. Mission: Save the Dead Sea. Hugging trees, saving whales, and starting recycling campaigns for environmentalists. Now, eco-activists from a range of organizations ––  including Green Prophet –– are suggesting that people bare all, and go naked for the environment. Witnessed by the Naked Dead Sea photography event this weekend at […]