Can Knowledge Save Us From Climate Change?

At the ongoing Eye on Earth summit in Abu Dhabi, there has been a lot of talk about sharing environmental data. But we question whether knowledge is enough. As early as 1930, a British engineer named Guy Calendar warned that increased carbon emissions as a result of industrialization was beginning to raise the global surface […]


Saudi Acts as Oil Cheerleader at COP 17 Circus

Saudi is pulling out the pom poms to protect OPEC oil-producing nations from losing money as climate change negotiations start at the COP 17 circus in Durban. It’s that time of year again, when delegations suit up for the circus that has come to typify the United Nations Climate Change Conferences. Rich, polluting countries unwilling to […]


Giant Infrared Human Dryers Slash Carbon Emissions

Residents of Sharjah – the Emirate just north of Dubai – enjoy drying off in giant human dryers like these pictured above, which reportedly slash carbon emissions by half in some situations. With average temperatures of 104 degrees Fahrenheit during summer months, you’d think residents of Sharjah – an Emirate just north of Dubai – […]


Salt Cedars are Carbon Sinks in the Desert

Considered a pest in California, a tamarix salt cedar tree found in the Arava Desert could sequester greenhouse gases on barren, desert land. Fears of global warming and its impact on our environment have left scientists scrambling to decrease levels of atmospheric carbon we humans produce. But Tel Aviv University researchers are doing their part […]


Dubai Launches Arabic Carbon Calculator

A carbon calculator in Arabic will help Dubai residents track everything from food, travel to energy consumption The carbon emissions of Gulf nations in the Middle East are notoriously high. The UAE has one of the largest carbon footprints per capita in the world and the average citizen in the Gulf produces between two to […]


Climate Change Cracks Down On Middle East Nuts

Climate change will disrupt every aspect of life in the next few decades,  including the kernel of Middle Eastern culture. A Middle East without nuts is like Belgium without chocolate: virtually impossible to imagine. But a recent report published in the peer-reviewed journal PLoS ONE (hat tip to Grist) shows that warm (and warming) countries […]

Formula One Is Going Green. Ish.

Fans of formula one racing claim that energy saving techniques will ruin all the fun because cars won’t be as noisy! Just yesterday we reported on a floating Olympic stadium that could offset the sometimes heavy environmental costs associated with what we almost all love: sport. In preparation for 2022, Qatar will have to build […]


Despite Best Intentions, Gulf Countries Can’t Quit CO2

The Gulf countries badly need to cut fuel subsidies in order to drive renewable generation projects, but in the current political climate, that would be suicidal. The nuclear travesty in Japan has gripped news headlines, while the Middle East political drama has taken back stage. But it is still having huge ramifications in the region. […]


Middle Eastern Strife Takes A Heavy Toll On Tourism

The Middle East has become one of the most popular tourist destinations, and is expected to become even more so, but the current unrest has taken its toll. Even though Dubai has been spared the awful drama that has gripped many countries in the Middle East – most dramatically Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya – the […]