How to Make Your Own Ricotta

Ricotta is a summer cheese. And as the weather warms up, Jewish people start to think about the Hebrew holiday of Shavuot  – the holiday that features dairy so prominently. In part it’s a question of ecology: meat is a high-impact food, and if we can all cut down a bit, the planet be much […]


6 ways to use your etrog

Just after the Hebrew holiday of Sukkot Jewish people start planning what to do with the ritual fruit called an etrog. It is one of the four species used in the holiday. It is a wonderful smelling fruit that can be put to use in marvellous and creative ways.


Rosh Hashanah recipe for pomegranate-nut Salad

Many of us are rushing around today, crossing things off lists though simultaneously putting new ones on, trying to get ready for Rosh Hashanah. It’s a big food holiday – bigger than most, even – and most of us will have family recipes and traditional fare serving as the staples for dinner tonight. Far be […]


Organic coffee in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv, for those who haven't had the pleasure of visiting the city, is a city of coffee drinkers and cafes. (Some would say bums and people who don't work in the middle of the day... but we say coffee drinkers and cafes.) It is not unusual to step out in the middle of a work day and spot people happily sitting out on sidewalk cafes drinking some form of coffee drink.


Small-scale farming goes big

Green Prophet recently reported on the growing popularity of organic food in Israel, and the trend towards small farms who are delivering straight to people’s front doors to maximise freshness and reduce costs. Organic farming produces high quality food using natural processes instead of depending on synthetic chemicals, so it’s music to our ears that […]