Jewish eco group Hazon launches sustainability kit

Hazon monthly sustain kit backpack, soap

Before Covid, we wondered if there could ever be a market for them –– those boxed kits full of plastic, junk and play-once STEM toys for kids. Some of them are packed with Japanese packaged foods. Eat a chip, toss out the bag. Consumption at a new level: monthly subscriptions for anything you fancy, even throwaway shoes. 

Other than sending me heirloom something from Italy so I can taste the regions, I’d say no if you offered me a subscription box for free. Until now. The American Jewish sustainability education group Hazon has started putting together sustainability kits to help you grow local, eat local, and act more responsibly to your planet and yourself. 

Starting at $79 for six kits, you and your family can start using products that can limit your carbon footprint. While the most eco-friendly advice I could give you is to consume less products and buy less, trying out products and tastes you might not have encountered can help accelerate you into more sustainable channels and frameworks. 

Hazon, while I have always known them for dealing with food and sustainability, call themselves a Jewish Lab for Sustainability. Their new sustainability starter kits are a practical step in that direction. 

The subscription package includes six uniquely themed kits, each curated to help make going green just a little easier, according to Hazon. With your subscription “you will receive six kits filled with tasty treats, innovative products and ideas, informative climate insights, and inspirational Jewish connections.”

The kits are organized around the six categories of sustainable action so rookie recyclers, and even veteran composters alike will gain an interactive and experiential introduction to living a more sustainable lifestyle. 

Kits are sold on a sliding scale and pick-ups will be spaced out for the rest of the calendar year, designed with Covid safety as a priority. It’s not clear if you can get the kit mailed to your home or if you have to pick it up. Either way, look at this as a means to inspire “your local.”

These are the themes of the kits in case you are curious or if you are a Christian or Muslim group and want to copy the idea. 😉

  • Plant-Rich Diet 
  • Reduce Household Waste 
  • Grow/Eat Local 
  • Reduce Food Waste 
  • Reduce Energy Use 
  • Buy Less Stuff

Another one of Hazon’s projects:

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