RECIPE: Grilled Vegetables With A Middle Eastern Accent

Fire up your grill and cook  these aromatic vegetable chunks to delicious perfection. If there’s one favorite way to cook in the Middle East, it’s the outdoor grill. There really is no way to produce that smoky flavor. We’ve gotten away from the traditional picture of a paunchy, unshaven guy in a T-shirt taking gulps […]


Egypt’s Urban Agriculture Movement is Growing!

Can urban agriculture save Cairo? We think it’s a pretty good start There has been an important spotlight on agriculture not only in Egypt, which is suspected by the EU of causing the E. coli outbreak in Germany earlier this year, but also other Middle Eastern and North African countries such as Morocco whose poor […]


An Eco-Genie Out of Recycled Tire Jugs?

If you rub these recycled tire jugs three times will an eco-genie pop out? In the medina of Marrakesh at Jemâa el Fna, minutes away from the Jewish spice market, and the snake charmers, who Tafline finds aren’t so charming for animal and snake rights, we found a small eco-stall. A couple of old men […]


Millions Go Hungry In Syria, Libya and Yemen

Humanitarian crises erupt in Libya, Yemen and Syria as the populations revolt against their oppressive leaders From the very start, the price of food has played an important role in the emerging Arab Spring which has swept across Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Jordan, Yemen, Syria and Libya. As food prices rose so did the anger in […]


RECIPE: Moroccan Anise Flatbread

These warm, fragrant loaves bring Moroccan flavor to any meal. Karin’s stay in a beautiful eco-lodging high up in the Moroccan mountains, and Tafline’s intrepid hike up and down them, inspired me to find particularly Moroccan recipe. And I find that this flatbread, perfumed with anise and sesame seeds, puts dreams of Morocco in my […]


Fenugreek seeds linked to E. coli Outbreak

The EU has banned 10% of Egyptian agricultural products after linking that country to the devastating E. coli outbreak that killed 49 people earlier this year. The European Union has linked the May/June E. coli outbreak that killed 49 people to produce grown in Egypt. Following a dedicated probe, officials concluded that a shipment of […]


Environmental Chemicals Pack The Pounds On You

It’s not just excess calories anymore. It could be that environmental chemicals are ordering your body to put on the pounds. We  live surrounded by synthetic chemical substances. They’re in our food, our soaps, in hundreds of thousands of things we handle daily. Like parabens, a preservative found in moisturizers and bath products. Exposure to […]


Afghanis Prepare for Food Crisis

Abnormally dry weather a nightmare for Afghanis who rely on wheat crops for survival. Afghanistan is likely to face a significant food shortage in the coming months, following poor rains which have affected this season’s wheat crop. Wheat is the primary food staple for most families. “There have been problems with rainfall, so there will […]


Water-poor Egyptians Use Sewage For Crops Instead

If you buy vegetables in Cairo, they could be contaminated with human waste. Faced with a shortage of water for irrigation (and the fact it might lose its right to the Nile), Ahmed Osman, a farmer in his late thirties, opted to divert local sewage water to irrigate his two-hectare vegetable plot in the heart […]


Lebanese Okra in Olive Oil recipe

Call it Bamyeh in Arabic or Bamiah in Hebrew, but okra is relished all over the Middle East. Okra is a vegetable with an inferiority complex. Its delicious flavor hides under a certain goopiness, or mucilage released in cooking, and some people don’t like it. On the other hand, you may want the beneficial mucilage. […]


Geraniums go from planters into cool creamy treats

Sweetly-scented rose geranium makes a delicate cream and a soothing tea. It’s growing somewhere near you. Peaches, melons, apricots, plums. All in season right now in the Middle East, all sweet and juicy. Cream infused with rose-like  pelargonium graveolens makes a delicious background for any of those summer fruits. I pick a few sprigs of […]


Make Compost In Your Living Room

Nourish your garden or potted plants with compost made in your home. Praxxus55712. The nick of a mysterious Minnesota gardener. We’re given only his first name, Ray. He uploads excellent videos for home gardeners to YouTube, freely sharing his gardening expertise with a gentle, humorous touch. Although I’m all in favor of composting and would […]


The Explosive Truth About Veggie Burgers

There are several compelling reasons to re-think veggie burgers and other non organic soy-based products. If there is anything to be learned from America’s industrial food machine (in case you missed Food Inc. and other seminal critiques), it is this: nothing can be trusted. Until recently, many vegetarians have been all too happy to jump […]


Nuclear Radiation Exposure Distorts Natural Gender Ratio

Under normal conditions, her baby has a slightly higher chance of being a boy, but new research suggests that exposure to radiation unnaturally skews the sex ratio. The Japan nuclear disaster confirmed what we already know for certain: radiation is dangerous to human populations. In particular, mutagenic effects have long been reported, and we also […]


Egypt Could Be On The Brink Of Famine

Egypt’s fertile lands fed the Pharoahs, but a new report throws into doubt whether it can feed today’s 85 million strong population. It is no secret to Professor Mohamed Kassas that desertification is one of Egypt’s greatest environmental threats. But the United Nations recently removed all doubt on World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought […]


Asbestos Causes Mutant Mice in Israel

Asbestos is all over the place in Israel. Now the rare form of lung cancer that asbestos causes is not the only worry: asbestos leads to mutations in mice. Asbestos covers parking garages in Tel Aviv, and the roofs of small buildings and sheds all over Israel. Look in landfills or even playgrounds, and don’t […]