Make Greener Teens Through Composting

Composting with your teens in an educational family project. Waste not, want not is something that can be taught by making compost. I’ve confess I’ve never much cared whether my vegetables are organic or bought at the neighborhood supermarket. I’ve always thought that the term “organic” is just a marketing ploy targeting a particular group […]


New Rx For Growing Your Brain: S.E.X.

New research suggests that certain activities including making love and exercising regenerate key areas in the brain. It’s understandably a bit confusing to keep up with all the differing sexual health news. Recently, we reported on the mind-blowing effects of coffee, blowing your nose and making love: turns out these are just a few of […]


My Transformation From Carnivore to Vegan, and Back

American Jewish food writer Leah Koenig talks about her journey back to meat-eating. A million answers have been given (and a million jokes cracked) around the Passover question “Why is this night different from all other nights?” But this year, my Passover truly felt different. This year, for the first time since I became a […]

Herbed Baked Eggs on Toast Recipe

In early summer, mornings are still cool and soft sunlight comes streaming into my room. I wake up feeling energized and optimistic, and ready to start the day really well.  If I feel like spoiling my family or just treating myself to an excellent breakfast, I fetch a pre-cooked mushroom sauce from the fridge – […]


Eco Sins Of The Cheshire Blogger

Poisoning hair to look “pretty.” Every four, five years, I get this crazy urge to do what some women find perfectly normal: put nasty stuff in my hair that will supposedly make me look “prettier.” Without fail, I regret it. Here’s how it went down: I was feeling a little bleh and out of it […]


Feeding Abu Dhabi With Water From Air

The Abu Dhabi Farmers Services Center is promoting technology that can potentially set Abu Dhabi farmers free from water constraints. Abu Dhabi farmers may be able to grow food with water pulled out of dense air. With just four days back up supply of water, and desalination projects usurping considerable energy, Abu Dhabi is facing […]


Medical Clowns, Laughter Improve Fertility?

Women undergoing In-Vitro Fertilization are understandably stressed, but now they may find something to smile about; new research out of Israeli hints at the value of ‘Medical Clowns’ towards improving IFV success rates. In a recent study of 219 women undergoing In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF), Israeli researchers found the odds of success were greater among women […]


RECIPE: Za’atar-Flavored Tofu

Middle East meets Far East in this innovative tofu dish. Arabic/Japanese fusion cooking? As for marinating tofu in  za’atar, we’ve got an unusual za’atar pesto recipe that fuses the Middle Easts’ favorite herb with Italian cuisine, so why not? The recipe was adapted from the Tofu for Two blog, using a modified version of  our […]


The New Untouchables: Egypt’s Leftover Food

Every month, 150,000 families stand to gain from the Egyptian Food Bank’s distribution program. Egypt is getting serious about food waste. Last year we reported on the extraordinary amount of food wasted during Ramadan. Ironically, at the same time that ritual scraps filled up formal and informal landfills, the Middle East experienced record-high food prices […]


Mind-Blowing Effects of Coffee and Sex

That cappucino may not put a smile on your face if you are at risk for a stroke. A new study from The Netherlands suggests that having sex and drinking coffee can temporarily raise your risks of strokes or brain aneurysms. Several triggers were identified in the study published by the American Heart Association including […]


Palestinian Coal Kilns Blow Dust on Israeli Meat Eaters

We pay for barbecued meat with our health Every year the air pollution rises steeply during Israel’s Independence Day, where even people with vegetarian (or vegaware) leanings have a sudden urge to fry ground beef “kebabs” on the mini BBQ grill sold at minimarkets and basically tossed out after use. But the effects of man’s […]


Argan Oil – Dare Eat Nuts Broken By a Goat’s Butt?

Argan oil is a delicacy and fair trade product from Morocco. Returning home from Morocco last month with a bundle of treasures including indigo dye, jewelry made by the Tuareg Tribe, indigenous music with the craziest break beats you could ever imagine, fish skins for drums, pointy shoes made from lemon yellow leather, henna, eye […]


Tel Aviv’s Social Economic Academy Teaches Food Politics

With so many food options and food movements out there, what do you choose? Food is a major factor in human health, and in environmental health as well.  There are an abundance of eco-friendly food movements out there, including vegans, vegetarians, vegawarians, locavores, and those who eat strictly organic food.  By the way, those who […]


How Saudi Arabia Plans To Win The Food War

Saudi spends billions to win the food war. Without its oil wealth, Saudi Arabia’s 27 million inhabitants would eventually starve. At a recent social event, the country’s Minister of Agriculture Fahd Balghunaim warned that the ratio of food and water in the kingdom is perilously out of balance. But oil wealth currently ensures that its own […]


A “Fresh” Arab Spring Flows Through Auja, Palestine

A visit to Auja, Palestine can open the world’s eyes to sustainable peace through water. It starts with water and ends with a Debka dance: Friends of the Earth Middle East, a trilateral Israel-Palestine-Jordan non-profit organization has launched an unbelievably hopeful project based on water in the West Bank village of Auja, about 10 minutes […]


3 Easy Ways to Cook Asparagus

Asparagus season is short, so rush out to the market and get your asparagus while you can. Then cook it in one of these delicious ways. It always gives me a lift when I’m trawling the shuk for local vegetables and see bundles of  delicate green and purple asparagus  spears. I love it for its […]


Are “Sick Chicks” Poisoning Israel’s Ground Water?

Something afoul? 1.5 million sick chickens illegally buried Following last year’s mass poultry culling in the Tulkarem area of the West Bank, due to fears of  Avian Flu virus, it has been recently discovered that more than 1.5 chicken carcasses that were buried in northern Israel following a poultry epidemic are now feared to be […]


Legislation Banning Public Smoking Lingers On In Lebanon

Smoking has become the norm in downtown Beirut. Last month, a group of women activists posing as pregnant women with faces covered with masks, staged a protest in Downtown Beirut against the delay by a parliamentary committee to finalize a long awaited law to ban smoking in closed public spaces and end unregulated cigarette advertisements, […]