4 Ways To Go Green

Currently, being ecologically savvy is growing in importance. How to go green can still be a mystery to some people. Changing our habits isn’t always the easiest and getting started can be the hardest part. Starting simple and incorporating one technique at a time is an easy way to get started and feel empowered to […]


Smartphones with the best battery life

There are many factors that inform our choice of mobile device. Whether it’s picking a smartphone with a big screen for graphics, or an environmentally-friendly mobile, there’s an overwhelming selection to choose from. But perhaps the most important factor is a mobile device’s battery life. So here’s is a quick rundown of the smartphones that last […]


Drink and drive? Water friendly innovation from Ford

Creating potable drinking water from the air is coming closer to being everyday reality, with companies like Drinkable Air already offering devices that create drinkable water from thin air. This idea is already in use by some military forces, including the Israeli and US military, for creating drinking water in arid regions where obtaining clean drinking water supplies […]