6 Biking Tours That Are Perfect for Fall

bike rides epic for a fall day in North america

North America is the place to be in the fall, when the weather is perfect for cycling. Try out this list of iconic places you can see by bike

Fall arrives with its cool breeze, just leaving the summer heat behind. The beautiful trails are framed with autumn colors, ablaze with a warm orange hue. The high treetops make the view ethereal.

The crisp air provides the perfect climate to hop on your electric bikes and ride through the road. A proper destination can change the thrill of the ride. If you are a bike enthusiast looking for exciting trails in the season of falling leaves, then you have come to the right place. 

Follow the list of the best biking tours that are perfect for this fall.

The Outer Banks in North Carolina

Outer Banks, North Carolina, perfect cycling trails, flat, meet horses on the sea

Outer Banks, NC. Meet some new friends.

The outer banks stretch over a hundred and five miles of sand and ocean covered in the fall sunshine. The biking trail in this area extends with the entire shoreline. 

There are a lot of biking paths to go on tour with your group of experienced cyclists or casual riders. The wide paved roads are perfect to take your family on a ride. The landscape is not covered with tall trees, allowing you to enjoy the clear-sky beach view.

Duck is the northernmost town in the Outerbanks, with a seven-mile private beach for its residents and visitors. You can ride through the natural beach and autumn foliage on your electric bikes to make riding easier

The roads are marked with “Bicycles – Share the Road,” and there are some official NCDOT-marked bicycle routes. While on the mainland, there is little to no traffic to worry about as you ride through rich farming country and wildlife preserves. 

Pisgah National Forest in North Carolina

Pisgah National Forest, cycling panorama

Pisgah National Forest

North Carolina has a stunning panorama, including Pisgah National Forest, which bikers must visit. It is jam-packed with outdoor activities and astonishing landscapes. 

The area is thirty miles downtown of Asheville. The trails run hundreds of miles, surrounded by waterfalls and swimming holes. Biking through this picturesque view will clear your mind of any stress.

The forest has horseback riding, biking, and rock climbing trails, with campgrounds for picnics and overnight camping. It is perfect for a biking tour in the fall. 

The bike trails display the most beautiful foliage during mid to end of October. There are bike rental outfitters and roadhouse pubs where you can rent a bike early in the morning and unwind after a day on the road.

Santa Fe in New Mexico

Santa Fe view of water tower, cycling

Santa Fe, a perfect venue for city cycling

Cycling is healthy for you and, according to scientists at Oxford, it impacts our planet earth. If you are thinking of taking up cycling, Santa Fe is a must visit during fall. 

The town has been named one of North America’s best biking destinations. Historic New Mexican towns, such as Taos and other Native American landmark sites, fall enroute the trail. It is possible to go on week-long tours through the trails in autumn. 

Santa Fe’s curving mountains and varied terrain provide some incredible biking experiences for veteran and novice bikers. The easy trails include the Santa Fe river and rail trail. 

You can tour through Dale Ball, Aspen Vista or the Pajarito mountain bike trails for intermediate and difficult trails. There are hotels for you to rest in during your biking tour in Santa Fe. 

Sonoma County in California

sonoma county wine tours

Cycling and sampling. We won’t tell.

It is a cycling fact that you can bike three times faster using the same energy you use to walk. Why not travel through beautiful sites with your bike to enjoy the crisp fall air?

Sonoma County is a lesser-known gem for fall biking tours. There are acres of land surrounding the trail that is filled with vineyards. During fall, the grapes ripen, and the leaves turn golden, creating a stunning picture.

Fun fact, the Windows XP wallpaper hill is situated in Sonoma County!

There are tracks through Sonoma County to satisfy a tour group’s desires. You can go biking, sip fine wine, taste world-class food, and stay at posh lodging during the prime golden vineyard season. 

If you are lucky, you can cycle through the festivals of the harvest season. The areas light up to give you a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest in Washington

Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest in Washington

Mountain trails galore

Washington, especially the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest, has the best mountain biking trails in the region. The tracks travel along the mighty Columbia River and are framed with Alpine larches. They lose their needles in the fall and turn a beautiful golden hue. 

The view of the glimmering larches against the pristine lake and the frozen soil of North America is breathtaking. Your biking tour will be elevated once you hop on your bike and face the fresh mountain air.

The Leavenworth Ski Hill MTB Loop, also known as the Angel Loop is the best trail in the forest. The track is almost 9 km long with an elevation gain of 351 m, making it the highest singletrack trail in Washington state.

Waterbar Heaven and Bergman Gulch have the second-highest elevation gain of 263 m. The landscape and the tracks make it perfect for a biking tour.

La Route Verte in Quebec, Canada

la route verte, cycling trail quebec

Go abroad, and visit this famous trail in Canada

A little north of New York, lies the city of Quebec. According to National Geographic, the city’s La Route Verte is considered the number one biking track. Ranging from country terrain to cityscapes, the path is more than two thousand miles long.

The Route Verte is North America’s largest chain of cycling trails. It runs through some of Quebec’s most scenic areas, linking the province to bike paths in Ontario, New Brunswick, and the United States.

You can have the pleasure of enjoying the fall breeze through a variety of landscapes. The area is filled with bike rentals, repair shops, and lodging for your rest.

Riding your electric bike through this trail in the fall, is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

Final Thoughts

Biking tours during the fall can be a breathtaking experience through the country, city, and mountain regions.

The outer banks in North Carolina are home to a stunning trail along the shoreline. The Pisgah National Forest tracks are filled with great visuals and outdoor activities. 

Santa Fe covers scenic Native American historical sites, while Sonoma County can take you through some beautiful vineyards. If you want to bike through the highest track elevations around a loop, then Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest should be your choice.

The most diverse trail in North America for your bike tour in fall is La Route Verte in Quebec. 

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