Motorcycle Accidents – Who Can Be Held Liable?

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Ebikes are not regular bicycles that you power with your feet. Some of them are very powerful machines and without helmet enforcement and riding on bike lanes can be a danger to pedestrians and the drivers. Know your rights even if you think you are driving sustainably.

According to the observation of the rider of a two-wheel ride, the motorcycle is 63 times more prone to being killed or suffering severe injuries than car drivers. Most of the time, motorcyclists are fully aware of traffic rules and their responsibilities while sharing the same roads with vehicles many fold heavier and are fully aware of how dangerous it is to collide with other vehicles.

Unfortunately, still most of the time, they are the ones who are blamed for being careless and irresponsible for collisions. A motorcycle accident, and more commonly now with ebikes, often involves serious injuries which can cause mental, physical, and financial impacts on the lives of the individual. Resulting injuries and disabilities may have lifelong effects. They must need legal guidance and expertise to secure maximum compensation and the best possible rehabilitation after the accident.

Causes of motorcycle accidents.

There may be many causes of motorcycle accidents, including road spillage, bumpy or defective infrastructure, hit and run accidents, disbalancing, and irresponsibility of another vehicle. 

Who can you file a claim against for liabilities?

Driver’s liability

The vehicle’s driver involved in the collision is held responsible if they are driving carelessly or ignoring the motorcycle traveling nearby while taking turns or changing lanes. Most of the time, it happens when the accused driver is busy on-call or is texting something, or they are driving drunk. Driving drunk or intoxicated may impair the vision ability to judge and affect the driver’s reaction time. Driving cars with exceeding speed limits may also make it difficult for them to spot motorcyclists.

Liabilities of automakers 

An automaker of the vehicle is held responsible if a collision happens because of the vehicle’s parts malfunction. For example, bursting of the tire of any of the vehicles involved or malfunctioning of brakes or any other system became the reason for the injuries and other damages.

Liabilities of local or state government:

Sometimes accidents happen due to defects in the infrastructure designs of highways, intersections, and flyovers by the government. The inappropriate infrastructure designs can be held liable for the claim if a collision occurs because of them.

Liable compensations for motorcyclist injuries:

In case of a collision, a motorcyclist may claim for 

Medical expenses:

This includes medical expenses like labs, scans, fractures, cuts, lacerations, brain, spinal injuries, medicines, and hospitalization. 

Loss of income:

After severe injuries or disabilities, motorcyclists may need to rest, and they may not be able to carry on their job resulting in loss of income.

Claiming for pain and sufferings:

Although it is not easy, with the help of an experienced lawyer, one can claim the pain and suffering due to disabilities, scarring, and disfiguration of the victim.

Property damage:

The affected person may also claim the motorcycle’s damage or associated property damage.

A motorcyclist who has suffered mentally, physically, or financially can claim compensation for their losses if they contact a motorcycle accident lawyer. They will investigate and help them collect evidence to claim liabilities. 

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