Car Insurance Discounts For Green Cars

electric cars and insurance

Electric cars can get you discounts on insurance. Find out how.

Of course, we’re not talking about green-colored cars; we’re talking about eco-friendly cars, which there is a huge market for. While having a car with a cleaner fuel source doesn’t affect how well you drive and your chances of getting into an accident. But that doesn’t mean that your car insurance providers won’t appreciate your efforts in reducing your carbon footprint. Several car insurance companies do offer a discount for drivers of green cars. 

Car Insurance For Green Cars

Hybrid and electric cars require car insurance as any normal vehicle would. Every state except New Hampshire requires drivers to carry at least a certain amount of basic car insurance or liability coverage. There is no specialized car insurance for green cars like hybrid and electric models, so standard auto coverage will do just fine. Green cars tend to be safe as well, so car insurance premiums for them aren’t as high. 

Green Cars And Standard Cars

When it comes to owning a green car, it’s really no different from a standard one. They both handle on the road the same, and there really are no new features to learn about eco-friendly cars. The only difference is their fuel and fuel cost, which is enough to influence a buyer’s decision and to make a difference. 

Green Car Insurance Discount 

If a car insurance provider finds that your car actively reduces your carbon footprint, then they can give you a discount on your coverage. This discount on your rates can go up to 20%. Every major car insurance company has green car discounts, as would smaller, local ones. This is based on an annual basis of saving. 

Other Insurance That Can be Discounted For Being Green 

Eco-friendly insurance discounts aren’t just available in the realm of car insurance. Your home, for example, can be made green and reduce your carbon footprint. This also qualifies you for a green discount on your homeowners’ policy. The same can also be said for a motorcycle insurance policy as there are eco-friendly ones on the market. 

Carbon Footprint

For reference, a carbon footprint refers to anyone’s carbon dioxide output. It can be applied on a daily, weekly, or annual scale as a measurement. A green insurance discount is usually given if it is proved that someone has reduced their carbon dioxide output. The most prominent way that humans produce carbon dioxide is with their car so driving less or having an eco-friendly one is the most common way to earn the discount. 


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