9 Things to Know About Living in Seattle Before Moving

Seattle is attracting eco conscious people like never before.

Have you thought about moving to Seattle? It’s a great city, and it’s easy to fall in love with it and its attractions/opportunities. But before you move to Seattle, there are a few things you should find out for your own happiness or safety. Without further ado, here are 9 things to know before moving to Seattle. 

  • High Traffic

This may not come as such a shock. It’s Seattle, after all. The traffic can get really bad, so if you want to go anywhere on a weekday, especially during busy hours, you’ll most likely be fuming in the driver’s seat. It’s always best to plan things in advance and leave home earlier so you’re not stuck in traffic.

  • High Living Costs

Someone who wants to move to Seattle should first make sure that they have a high-paying job because the living costs are not the lowest. On average, a one-bedroom apartment will require $1,370 for rent, and a two-bedroom apartment will require $1,700. Besides, the energy bill can be as high as $206.39.

  • Winters Are Very Gloomy

Compared to other parts of the United States, Seattle is very gloomy. You can expect to walk outside and see clouds on most days. Also, when it comes to rain, it rather manifests as mist, so this is not that much of an issue in the city. 

  • Summers Are Amazing

What makes Seattle summers so great is the fact that while it’s warm, there isn’t too much humidity. So, you can enjoy a lot of activities outdoors without feeling suffocated by the warmth. 

  • There Isn’t Any Income Tax

There is no income tax in Washington State. So, from this point of view, living in Seattle is amazing. Now, of course, you will still have to pay local taxes either way. 

Also, if you want to work in Seattle, finding a job may not be that easy, especially during the pandemic. Very often, employers use automated tracking systems for their applicants, which makes it harder to pick up the applicant’s personality. Not only that, but the applications are also filtered out based on certain keywords. 

Seattle also houses very big companies such as Starbucks, Microsoft and Amazon, and many startups. But it lacks in terms of medium-sized companies. However, it’s a big city, so you’ll have plenty of choices. Even if you want to get hired as a Seattle accountant or Seattle personal injury lawyer, you have many opportunities to do so.

  • You Can Try Global Cuisine

Seattle has multiple restaurants where you can try foods from all around the planet. So, no matter what flavor you want to try, Seattle will have it. 

  • There Are Many Neighborhoods

Seattle is rich in neighborhoods. Queen Anne, Rainier Beach, Beacon Hill, Green Lake, and Ballard are only some examples. Each neighborhood is unique and amazing in its own way and has plenty to offer so you should research them to see which one suits you best.

  • Hills Everywhere

Seattle is hilly, and you have to get your feet ready for this. You may have to climb almost everywhere you go, but if you like a challenge, this is the place for you. 

  • Seattle Loves Coffee

Seattle is where the original Starbucks was born, so locals do love their coffee and take it seriously. If you are a coffee lover, then you’ll be able to try different types and tastes in numerous locations across the city. 

Final Thoughts

As you can see, Seattle is an amazing city, but it has its challenges. Make sure you are well aware of these factors before you move so that you know what to expect. 

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