Top 5 Strangest Personal Injury Claims of All Time

Some people used personal injury claims in very strange ways, though. Most individuals think of injury claims as something you can only use when you slip and fall or break a bone because a floor was slippery due to negligence. However, there are also people who consider hiring personal injury lawyers for strange reasons. 

If you’re not convinced, here are the top 5 strangest personal injury claims

  • Injury Claim Against the Weatherman

Sometimes, the weather forecast might be wrong. This definitely happened to you. You were expecting the warmest day of your life and you were getting ready for a picnic. However, it started pouring heavily instead, ruining your plans.

Well, a woman from Israel took it to the next level. She trusted the weather forecast and thought the day would be sunny and nice. Instead, it started raining. She contracted the flu and missed a whole week of work. Therefore, she proceeded to sue the TV station, and she won the case, getting $1,000 as compensation. 

  • Exploding Toilet

Many people who used the Flushmate III toilet had a rough time in the bathroom. And no, it wasn’t the result of their bowel movements – it was because many of the toilets actually exploded. This happened because of an error, which led to the explosion. So, lawyers managed to lobby 5 million dollars after a lot of people got injured. 

  • Lost Pants

A dry cleaning company from Washington D.C. did the mistake of losing a client’s pants. The man ended up suing the company for $54 million, all over a single pair of pants. According to him, not only did the company not follow the “Satisfaction Guaranteed” sign, but they also caused the man a lot of mental suffering for losing his pants. In the end, he lost the case. 

  • Mistaken for Michael Jordan

Allen Heckard was sick of being mistaken for Michael Jordan, the famous sports star. Therefore, he filed a personal injury claim, saying that he was suffering emotionally because of the confusion. The claim was against Michael Jordan, as well as Nike. However, Heckard had no resemblance with the sports star. The claim was dropped later. 

  • Falling in a House of Horrors

A woman sued Universal Studios for their Haunted House of Horrors. Apparently, she was chased by one of the workers who had a de-fanged chainsaw in his hands. As she was running from him, she slipped and fell, while the worker went on with the act. She didn’t have any injury, though. As such, the case was thrown out in the end. 

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are some people who file strange injury claims. Some are lucky and win those claims, others lose or are forced to drop them off. Hopefully, you had some fun reading about these incidents. 

If you get injured because of someone else, you can always find a personal injury attorney to help you out. No matter where you live in the U.S., it’s easy to find the right lawyer for you. For example, if you’re a resident of Eugene, Oregon, all you have to do is Google “Eugene personal injury attorney” and see which team of lawyers suits your budget or necessities. 

If everything works in your favor and you’re able to prove that you are indeed the victim, your injury claim can be successful. 

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