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Have you always wished for a smarter and easier way to brush your teeth? What if you were told that it could be done automatically? Introducing unobrush™, possibly the world’s smartest toothbrush, that does the menial task of toothbrushing for you. Not only does it help you keep your mouth clean, but it also cleans itself with UV light that kills bacteria.

The world is ever-transforming with new innovations continuously changing and improving our daily lives. The toothbrush, though, seems to have undergone limited transformations over the years. And how can we completely rethink the tooth brushing routine? Perhaps the answer is already here.

The brand-new and innovative unobrush™ technology will set new standards for how you clean your teeth. It can now be done in just 10 seconds. And how is that possible? Here is how it works.

Welcome to the Future of dental routine

The technology of unobrush™ will help revolutionize how we carry out our daily routines. As oral hygiene is a long time commitment, it is rather easier to take it for granted. However, the WHO estimates that nearly 3.5 billion people worldwide are suffering from some sort of oral disease (

That figure alone suggests that we are not done yet when making innovative solutions that help people with their dental care.

The unobrush™ is very easy to use and comes with a design that is created to fit most people’s mouths covered with soft bristles. Once you bite into it, the unobrush™ will wrap around your teeth and gums comfortably.

The vision is to replace the traditional toothbrush and in its functionality, unobrush™ also makes good use of its design with the necessary motion to provide a toothbrushing sensation. It also cuts the process of cleaning the teeth drastically short – from the normally recommended time of 2 minutes down to just 10 seconds.

The long battery life of the unobrush™ is also worth mentioning. A single charge can keep you brushing twice a day for up to 3 months.

Easy to clean and safe to use

How do you keep your brush clean? For hassle-free storage and cleanliness, the unobrush™ comes with a minimalistic Danish-designed Docking Station with UV light. The Docking Station not only helps in the charging of the device but also sanitizes the Mouthpiece with UV light.

You also have the possibility of sharing your unobrush™  with your significant other. Simply swap out the Mouthpiece on the base module and brush away together.

Considering how hassle-free the maintenance and storage is, unobrush™ brings forward a powerful solution that can help improve and maintain proper oral hygiene. Being one of the most essential daily habits to be practised worldwide, it has the power to create a significant and innovative solution for many people worldwide.

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