Interesting Facts about your Zodiac Sign for The Start of 2021

Will you reduce your carbon footprint this year? Meet your eco-match? Maybe it is written in the stars.

Time marches on as it always does. Once again, an old year ends and a new one begins. This time last year, we were all filled with excitement and anticipation over what 2020 would bring. It certainly turned out to be an unusual year, to say the least. Unexpected changes and unprecedented challenges came into play. While some astrological readings foreshadowed upcoming hurdles, extra time for looking inward, and life taking major turns for 2020, no one fully understood the magnitude to which those predictions would come true.

Looking Ahead

This brings us to 2021, and many people are wondering what developments will come to pass for them during the next few months. Quite a few are turning to their Horoscope for the answers they seek. As always, the stars are providing answers as long as we’re willing to look for them. Understanding the finer points of your sign may be the key that unlocks all 2021 holds in store for you.


First off, Aries are typically brazen and adventurous. By some accounts, 2021 will be the year to use those characteristics to your advantage and pursue some of your greatest aspirations. Maybe a desert trek? Reigning in the standard Aries impertinence and recklessness may be the best approach in some situations, though.


Next on the list is Taurus. Those born in this constellation tend to value their peace and quiet and enjoy the calmer sides of life. Good things are sure to come during the new year. Like reading a good book


Busy and ambitious Gemini are known for their mental clarity and fast-paced thought patterns as well as forcing their bodies to keep tempo. This may be a good time to slow down a bit and give yourself a little break.


Those born under Cancer are generally balanced and intuitive of other people’s feelings. Considering the past year, your unique (eco) gifts could be extremely helpful to others who need a little grounding and understanding.


If you’re a Leo, you’re most likely a cheerful, confident soul filled with passion and drive. No doubt, those traits will propel you to new heights as you stride through the new year with your head held high.


As a Virgo, you’re incredibly practical and analytical. Those are important traits to have in most situations. That said, they could lead you to overthink things and cause yourself unnecessary stress as 2021 unfolds.


Being born under the sign of the scales, Libras are naturally balanced in virtually all aspects of life. While your drive for equilibrium and consistency is almost always a good thing, don’t obsess over those elements too much as you settle into the new normal.


Steeped in the emotional world and usually trying to keep a certain distance from cold reality, Scorpios tend to be viewed as mysterious. This may be a good time to close the gap you often try to create between yourself and others.


Always apt to try new things and enjoy unusual experiences, those born in Sagittarius are particularly equipped for whatever 2021 may have planned. Embrace your openness, and it will take you far.


For the most part, Capricorns are grounded and realistic. Still, they’re perfectly capable of losing themselves in emotion and fantasy when their practical sides will let them. Don’t let your pessimism get the best of you during the coming months.


Members of the Aquarius sign are independent and generally have unique ways of looking at the world. You’re a giving person and willing to help where you can. Drawing a line between being charitable and being taken advantage of isn’t always easy, though.


Pisces are often torn between the solidity of the real world and the beauty of the fantasy realm. This could certainly work out in your favor. Unlike most people, you can allow yourself an effective emotional escape while still keeping one foot planted in reality.

Rushing Headlong into the New Year

As we say goodbye to what was perhaps the strangest year any of us has ever experienced, we can’t help but wonder what is yet to come. Those in each sign of the zodiac are uniquely equipped with traits and characteristics that will be essential to them as well as their loved ones moving forward. Whether you’re a ram, a scorpion, a crab, or anything in between, have no fear, and let yourself live for new experiences during the coming year.

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